Home Security Alarm Monitoring.

By: Thomas Hunter

There are many different ways to protect your home and to minimize the risk of possible theft attempts. There is also a lot of different technological equipment created specifically for home security purposes. This article will talk about home security alarm monitoring: both alarm systems and alarm monitoring services. The installation of any alarm system greatly minimizes the chance that a burglar will be successful in his theft attempt. The alarm system with monitoring service is designed not only to prevent the possible theft attempts but also to stop the ones already in progress by notifying police department. There are a lot of different alarm security systems that are available for sale on the market. These alarm systems range from simple low-cost alarms to advanced expensive automated systems with video cameras and motion detection. The simplest alarm system is designed to detect the unlawful entry into the house and will sound the siren to notify everyone around that the theft attempt is in progress.

A lot of alarm systems will also notify the closest police unit (or other authorities like firemen or medical personnel) through the company that offers various alarm monitoring services. Many of these services are offered by companies that sell security systems. These companies will usually offer the whole package of products and services, including installation or “do it yourself” systems. Signing up for the security monitoring service is fairly low cost. There are companies that charge less then $10 per month for the monitoring service. The benefits of signing up for monitoring service are obvious. Your home security system will be watched all the time, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, by the security service company that will notify and dispatch the police unit when your alarm goes off.

The security monitoring systems usually works by means of a standard prone line. In a case of urgent situation (when alarm goes off) the alarm system dials the company that is providing the monitoring service. The company will usually try to establish a contact with the owner of the house. In the case of the possible theft attempt, the closes police department is notified of the issue. This is a standard procedure which will probably vary from one company to another. When you do decide to sign up for the alarm monitoring service you should search for a respectful monitoring company that offers services at reasonable costs. Research each company that you find and select the best one available. It might help to research through various security guides and to review the current and past customer feedback.

Having an alarm monitoring service is especially useful when you are on vacation or out of the house most of the day. The monitoring service will usually offer additional benefits like dispatching fire and medical assistance personnel (in addition to police) when it is needed. There is even a monetary benefit from signing up for the alarm monitoring service if you have homeowners insurance. Usually your insurance company will be able to offer you a discount on your insurance payment if they know that you have an alarm monitoring system. You can save up to 20% on your insurance payments. Some insurance companies may even require the monitoring service before providing insurance to the prospective client.

With the recent spread of wireless services many companies started offering wireless alarm monitoring. The dedicated cellular link allows the alarm system do contact the monitoring company even if the regular phone lines are not working or power is out. In the event of the power down situation the system will be powered by batteries. This way, no matter what happens, the alarm system will notify the service company and your home will be safe. The alarm monitoring services also prevents false alarms. If your alarm went off for some reason, the service company will contact you and, after checking your identity, will stop the alarm. This way you are protected from false alarm fees. The last advice is to check if the security company will offer you a deal when you both buy the alarm systems and sign up for service through them. This type of deal can save you some money and will still accomplish your goals.

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