Top Nine Tips for Your Home Security.

By: Thomas Hunter

There are many different home security tips that are very helpful in making your house safe and secure. This article will list ten of the most important security tips. Following these tips will decrease the chances that your house will be robbed or vandalized.

The first and the most important tip is to purchase a homeownerís insurance. Purchasing insurance for your most valuable possessions is a next step. If you have the proper insurance, even if all your security measures fail, you may still be able to return a portion of lost valuables. Many of the insurance companies will require you to install some type of the security system before an insurance policy will be issued to you. The tip number 2 is to store the most expensive and most valuable items (including jewelry, money, etc.) in a safe deposit box in the bank. This step will definitely protect your valuables. The expensive items that are needed in the house can be kept in the safe.

The tip number 3 is to install the alarm system and sign up for the alarm monitoring service. When you are installing the alarm system, make sure that the fire and smoke detectors are integrated with the system. The alarm monitoring service is also very important. Without the monitoring, you can not be sure what time will pass before someone will notice the fact that the system went off and will call the police. With the alarm monitoring system the police department is contacted right away.

The tip number 4 is to include motion detectors as a part of your alarm system. Motion detectors can be installed inside the house and near windows and doors. With motion detectors you will become aware of any movement inside the house. The alarm system will be triggered by the detector and the monitoring company will be notified. It is also a good advice to have a motion sensor light outside your house.

The tip number 5 deals with the situation when you are installing video cameras as a part of your security system. When you are installing video cameras, you should purchase the cameras that provide infrared functionality. There cameras will usually switch to the black and white mode and will turn infrared LEDs when it gets dark. The tip number 6 deals with the power down situations. You should purchase and charge the back up power supply in advance. In a case of a power down situation a back up power supply will keep you security system up and running and your house protected. Without a power supply you risk a complete stop in the functionality of your security system.

The tip number 7 is to go wireless. If you have wired cameras, you should probably upgrade them to wireless cameras that donít need a wire connecting them to the VCR. Wireless cameras are easier to install, manage and hide. The chances are that it will be harder to notice a wireless camera then a wired one. If you signed up for the alarm monitoring systems, you should check if the security company has a wireless option (when the system can use cellular link to contact the company if the alarm goes off).

The tip number 8 is to make sure that you lock your doors and windows every time you leave the house. Also donít forget to turn your alarm on before you leave and turn it off when you come back. If you donít do these simple steps, even the most expensive security system may not be able to protect you.

The tip number 9 is to join a neighborhood watch program, if there is one. This is definitely very important. If you are not at home, some of your neighbors may be. If they can keep an eye on your house, this will provide an additional level of security. Talk to your neighbors and see if you can join a program. If there is no neighborhood watch program in place, it might be a good idea to discuss the possibility of creating one with your neighbors.

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