Home Security Products and Services.

By: Thomas Hunter

If you are a homeowner, you are most likely aware of various dangers to your home and importance of different home security systems. There are many different products and services that allow you to make your house secure and protected from various threats like burglaries and vandalism. This article will describe several security products and services. These security systems will differ from one company to another but their general characteristics usually stay the same.

The first and the most important security product is the alarm system. There are many different types of alarm systems. The systemís main purpose is to sound the siren when someone unlawfully enters the protected property. This is the simplest type of alarm system. It is usually necessary to enter the security code within a certain short period of time to deactivate the alarm. If the security code was not entered correctly of was not entered at all, the alarm system will assume a theft attempt and will go off. The more advanced alarm systems will have such feature as motion detection. Motion detector will trigger the alarm if there is any movement in the house when the alarm is turned on. Many security companies will also offer an alarm monitoring service. In a case of a theft attempt the alarm will signal the security company, which will notify the police department of the situation. The alarm monitoring service offers more protection as compared to a regular alarm because the police unit is dispatched right away.

There are many other types of security products. One of the examples is a sensor light. The sensor light will light up if there is a movement outside of your house. This is more of a security prevention type of device but is a very useful one. Not only it will protect your house but it will also protect your car and outside equipment. Another security product that you might want to have in your house is a safe. You should keep most of your expensive belongings in the bank, but those valuables that need to be at home can be stored securely in the safe. This minimizes the chance that they will be stolen.

It is important to mention video and audio home security equipment. There are many different types of video cameras that you can install outside and inside of your house. These cameras can be regular wired cameras or wireless. Wireless cameras donít need to be connected to the receiving device. Outside cameras are usually made weatherproof. The video (and audio) stream is recorded and is displayed on the security monitors. The recording is done either on the VCR or on a digital recorder. Personal computers can also be used to store recordings on the standard hard drive. Many of the video cameras are equipped with motion detectors that start the recording only when there was a movement detected.

Various types of locks are also available for sale. Installing a good lock makes your house more secure. The lock should be designed to protect your home from those people who may try to break into your house by trying to pick the lock. There are many different types of locks: from regular locks to electronic locks. Your door should be at least equipped with a good quality regular lock. For additional protection you may decide to use an electronic lock. Keep your keys in a secure location. If you do lose a key, there is no reason to take a risk. You should reinstall your lock immediately to make sure that in a case a key was stolen, it can not be used to open your door.

There are many other products and services. For example, you can install various fire alarms in your house. The monitoring services include monitoring for possible fire threat and medical emergency. Various software packages allow you to connect your security systems to your personal computer and combine them into one easily manageable computerized system. Home automation software and hardware is also available for sale. The automation systems allow you to control you home accessories by turning them on and off when you are not at home. And the list of security products goes on and on.

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