Computerized Home Security.

By: Thomas Hunter

We live in an era of computers and information technology and there is a direct relationship between information technology and home security. Computers allow us to automate many different aspects of out business activities and personal life. Personal computers and other technological systems can also help in various home security activities and can increase the amount of protection that you can create for your house. In addition to all of the benefits above, a computerized system will save you a lot of time since most of the security related tasks will be done automatically.

There are many security tasks where a personal computer can be used. One of the more popular uses of a computer is with the video security equipment. The traditional way to install video security equipment is to connect video cameras to the TV and VCR. The TV screen simply displays the picture that the camera is transmitting and VCR records everything that is shown on the TV screen. But if we introduce the personal computer into the picture, you can eliminate both the TV and VCR and develop a system that is even more secure. A computer monitor can be used for direct viewing. Wireless video cameras will transfer the video stream directly to the computer. With proper software the computer can digitally record either all the video information sent to it or it can activate the recording only when the software detects any movement (recording is started only when there is a change in the video picture).

There are many other benefits of this type of the security system. For example, if one of the cameras fails or breaks down, the PC will detect this and will notify you about this issue right away. If a wireless connection fails, the computer will try to reestablish the connection with the camera and will notify the owner if it did not succeed. All of the data (video stream) is stored digitally in a more compact form. It becomes very easy to examine the recorded video stream. Same benefits apply to the audio systems connected to the computer. Audio stream, in addition to video stream, can also be stored and analyzed by the computer. Both audio and video surveillance systems can be combined in one system using a PC.

There are many other types of security equipment that you can connect to your computer. For example, your alarm system and motion detection system can be connected to the computer. The software can then send you or someone else an alarm signal or perform some other programmed activity. All the incoming information is stored and can be retrieved at a later time. Other types of equipment can also be connected. Some of the systems are even sold in one big combined computerized security package.

You should spend enough time on selecting the proper home security software package when creating the computerized home security system. Quality software will definitely make your security systems work better. You should look for the software from trusted companies that were in business for a long time and that earned customers’ trust. This type of software will be more expensive but will provide you with a higher degree of protection. Proper software configuration is also very important. If you are not familiar with security and information technology, you should have a professional install and configure your computerized security system. You should try to find software that takes care of all security needs.

It is also useful to mention the home automation software and hardware system. This type of system is especially useful when you are not at home or are on a long vacation. The automation system will do such activities as turning your lights and TV on and off at preset times. This will create an illusion that you are at home and will prevent the possible theft attempts. There are many other activities that this type of system can perform. Another example is turning on and off the sprinkling system. And all of this can be programmed from your personal computer in a few easy steps and without having much to learn. The software makes your work and life much easier. It also makes your home more secure and safe.

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