Home Security Basics.

By: Thomas Hunter

If you want to keep your home secure from burglars, thieves, trespassers and other unwanted people, first you will need to make sure that you are familiar with home security basics. Of course, professional security systems, alarms, video monitoring and other devices will help, but they are useless if you do not follow the basic rules of security, the basic steps that will keep your home and your family secure.

The first basic step is to make sure that when you buy your house, you can see what is going on outside of the house from windows. If you have large trees and bushes that are preventing you from seeing your yard, this may prevent you from noticing that someone is trying to break in or to vandalize your property. For example, someone may try to vandalize your car that was parked outside and you might not even notice it. That is why you need to take measures to make sure that you can see what is happening outside of your house. This means that you may need to trim some of the bushes in your yard and cut some of the tree branches. But in the end it will pay off by making your house more secure.

Another step to make your house more secure is to make sure that your doors and windows are protected at all times. The doors must be made of quality materials that make them strong and hard to break. Windows should also be thick enough and professionally installed. This may be a little expensive but it is definitely worth it. Another important point is to install good locks on your doors and windows. The door locks should be professional and should provide the top protection from thieves that may try to break in by opening these locks. Window locks should also be securely attached to the window frames to keep your windows firmly closed and protected. Having shades on the first floor windows will provide additional protection from people who may try to look inside your house. You will be more protected and will have more privacy this way.

You should also think about installing sensor light outside of your house. First of all, this will provide more visibility outside, especially if you have trees growing in your yard. You will also be immediately alerted when someone is coming close to your house. The system will detect the outside movement and will immediately turn the lights on. In addition to the above benefits, sensor lights will distract many of the possible thieves that may try to break in your house. Many of the sensor lights are not expensive to purchase and to install. You should, however, have a professional install your sensor lights to make sure they are working properly and are detecting only the types of movements that you would like to detect.

Another one of the home security basic steps is to make sure that you keep your valuables protected inside your house. If you have some items that you value a lot (money, jewelry and other expensive objects), you should make sure that they are hidden and locked when you are not using them. This is especially important when you are not at home. The safe will be the best choice but even if you donít have one, you still should lock all of your drawers. If you can, however, afford to purchase a quality safe, you should definitely do that. Just make sure that the safe is properly installed and cannot be removed from the house with your valuables inside. The best advice here is to hire an expert to install it in a hidden place in your house.

When you do decide to purchase various security products for your house, make sure that you purchase only top quality products. You donít have to buy the most expensive products. Simply make sure that the item that you are buying provides all the required protection. There are many trusted companies that manufacture the security products that are both not too expensive and are of top quality. Taking a look though various security product guides and security related materials offline and online will definitely help you to select the best manufacturer.

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