Video Equipment for Home Security.

By: Thomas Hunter

There are many different ways to protect your home, your personal belongings and your family from possible burglars. The recent advances in technology contributed to the development of a lot of new and improved equipment for home security. This article will talk about different video equipment that is used in the security industry. Video equipment not only allows preventing possible theft attempts but also can provide evidence for convicting the criminals that participated in robbery. Video equipment allows you to have a professional surveillance of your house, land, cars and personal belongings.

There are many different types of video equipment used for security purposes. The most popular type that you will hear about most of the time includes various video cameras. There are many types and characteristics of video cameras. For example, one type of cameras that you can find for sale is hidden cameras. These cameras are made in such a way that when they are installed properly, it is very hard to notice them. They are usually very small and don’t require a lot of space to install them. Another type of cameras is infrared (or “day and night”) cameras. These cameras are designed to be installed mostly outside. Infrared cameras work as regular color cameras during the day. When it gets dark, the camera switches to infrared mode by turning on the black and white mode and turning on the infrared light. This provides much better quality of the recorded (and viewable) picture during the time it is dark (night).

Another important distinction of video cameras deals with the way the images are delivered to your TV or video (or digital) recorder. The first and the most popular type of cameras uses wireless way of transmission of information. Wireless cameras require additional equipment: wireless transmitter and receiver. The transmitter is usually either attached to the camera itself or is already installed inside the camera (as one system). The role of the transmitter is to transfer to the receiver the images that the camera records. The receiver is attached to your VCR or TV. Its role is to catch the images sent by the camera and to display them on the screen. The benefit of wireless cameras is the fact that there are no cables connecting then to the TV. This makes the camera less noticeable and easier to install and maintain. However, wireless cameras are usually somewhat more expensive then regular wired ones.

If you are purchasing video cameras to be installed outside of your house, you should definitely make sure that the cameras that you are purchasing are weatherproof. This is especially important if you live in a location where weather changes often. By purchasing weatherproof cameras you are saving money in a long run. These cameras will work much longer and will provide you with a lot more security and safety. For example, if a theft attempt is made during the bad weather period, your weatherproof camera will continue to work and will protect you from possible losses resulting from the theft attempt.

Indoor cameras are also available for sale. It is a good idea to install indoor cameras in all of the locations inside your house where you keep your valuables (for example, a room where you installed your safe). If you would like to install outside wireless cameras, you should probably experiment with inside cameras first. The reason for this is the fact that wireless transmission is easier to set up and test inside the house due to the line of sight limitations (making sure transmitter and receiver work together).

When you purchase your VCR or digital recorder to be installed with the video system, you should take a look at the video motion detection equipment. This equipment (whether already installed in the VCR or as a separate tool) allows to do the recording only when motion is detected by the equipment. This will allow storing more information on your storage device (VCR tape, DVD, hard drive, etc.). Many cameras also provide such features as zoom and audio capability. The zoom feature allows you to use the camera to see a more detailed picture. The audio feature allows for both sound and video recording.

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