10 steps to protect your personal and financial information.

By: Thomas Hunter

Access to information is very important nowadays. Sometime information can be your most valuable asset that you would want to keep secure, whether you are at home or at work. If you are at work, it is most likely that there is already an advanced security system implemented for the purpose of information protection. However, when you are at home, you must make sure yourself that your personal and financial information is safe and secure. This article will list 10 important steps that you need to take to make sure that you protect your personal and financial information at all times.

The step number 1 is to make sure that if you store valuable information on your computer, it has proper security software installed that eliminated the possibility of an unauthorized access. There are many different software packages that will help you to achieve this goal, both for your personal computer and for your home computer network. The step number 2 is to protect your personal information that you have in a printed form. For example, imagine if you have a valuable report that describes research and development results from one of your companyís projects. If you want to be certain that this information is protected, you should keep this information is a secure hidden location. The best advice for the type of location that you need to select would be to use your home safe or something similar in nature.

The step number 3 is to make sure that you never leave your portable computer of printouts of valuable information in your car. If it gets stolen, even the best security system can eventually be broken, in which case the protected information will be accessed. Even it the security system is never broken, you can simply lose all the information. The step number 4 is related to the previous step and specifies that you need to create a back up of your information so in the case the information is stolen or lost, it is not lost completely. If you do have a backup data source, you can restore most of the lost information. The step number 5 is to make sure that if you have a wireless network inside your house, this network in encrypted and does not allow unauthorized access. This will protect you from the possibility that someone is trying to steal your information by accessing your wireless network without authorization.

The step number 6 is to make sure that you keep your login and other access codes secure. Never write them down anywhere. Also never tell them to other people. If someone finds out your login information, they may be able to use it to their advantage. For example, you can understand the possible dangers when someone is able to login into your bank account without your knowledge. The step number 7 is to make sure that you change your access codes often. If someone does find about your access code, you should change it immediately to protect yourself from the possibility of someone accessing your accounts or other secure locations. The step number 8 is related to the previous step and states that you need to be certain that you log off your computer and all secure locations before you leave the computer room. This will also prevent the possibility of unauthorized access.

The step number 9 is to ensure that you destroy the printouts with you financial and personal information if you need to throw them away. You should use a paper shredder first, before you throw these documents in the trash. If someone will get access to the documents that you didnít destroy, they can use the information on these documents to their advantage. For example, if a burglar sees your bank statement what shows several large purchases, he or she can assume that it will be beneficial to break into your house. The step number 10 is to make sure that you donít leave your personal and financial paperwork in the plain view: on you car seat, near your first floor window, etc. If you do, someone may see that and will be able to read this information and use it for his or her own benefit.

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