Home Security and Information Security.

By: Thomas Hunter

This may sound strange but there is a direct relationship between home security and information security. We live in and era of information technology and information is sometimes the most valuable possession that a person may have. Some burglars may break into your house not to steal your belongings by to try to steal your information. For example, imagine that you are working for a company that is involved in the project on research and development of some new equipment. A burglar may find out about that and may try to break into your house or into your computer system to try to steal this information and use it to his or her advantage. This information may be sold to the competitor company, for example. You should understand the value of the information that you keep in your house and take preventive security steps to protect this information. You should also make sure that the leak of any information cannot actually trigger a burglary attempt.

Your most important information is most likely stored on your personal computer. The first step to protect this information is to protect your computer. The general home security steps that you take to protect your house will also protect your computer. Before accessing the information on your PC, the thief may need to break into your house. This is where he or she should be stopped by your home security system and steps that you took to protect your home from burglary attempts. Next, you will need to take some additional security steps to specifically protect you computer. If you carry you computer to work with you, it is already protected when you are not at home. But if you keep you PC at home all the times, you should think about additional protective measures that will keep your computer and information secure when you are away from home.

There are several things you can do to protect the information stored on your computer. First of all, you should make sure that you are the only person that can log in to the PC. A proper computer security system needs to be installed. If you are not a person who understands computer security very well, ask for help at work, especially if you are storing company related information on your home computer. Your company will probably have an information technology department. A representative of this department can help you to install a proper computer security system. You can also consult various computer security guides or a technical representative of the store where you will be purchasing your security software from. The most important thing here is to install a system that will eliminate a possibility of the information being stolen from your computer by a thief that breaks in your house. A thief may actually try to steal your information without breaking into your house. He or she may simply try to hack into your system from the outside. You computer security system should protect you from this danger too and prevent any possible hacking attack on your computer or home network.

The last advice is the following: do not advertise that you have any important information at your house. When you are talking to your friends, neighbors or other people, you should never mention that you keep some important information on your computer. Even if you keep the printouts of important information, you should also keep these printouts in a secure place and never mention anything about this fact. If you mention to someone that you keep information at home, they can accidentally tell about this fact to someone else. A stranger may overhear your conversation and use it to his or her advantage. The less people know about the fact that you keep your important information at home, the better. Try to limit this knowledge only to your direct family and colleagues that work on the same project as you are. Especially make sure that you donít describe how to access your information on your computer to anyone. By following these steps you will make sure that both your house and your information are protected. By preventing a burglary attempt and a theft of information attempt you are increasing you house security and the security of your important information.

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