Home Security and Personal Safety.

By: Thomas Hunter

Home security and personal safety are very important topics that you need to know about whether you are a home owner or an apartment renter. You always want your home, your family and your belongings protected. In order to do that you will need to follow some specific security steps that will allow you to prevent any possible burglary attempt or to stop the one that is in progress. Your budget does play an important role in the selection of various home security products. However, there are products that are available for most of the budget levels. If you can spend a lot of money, you will be able to install a full blown security system that consists of many different security devices. But even with little money to spend you can install the less costly basic security system and follow many crime preventive measures.

First of all you should make sure that your doors and windows are locked when you are away from the house or during the night. The windows and doors should be strong enough to protect your home and should be installed with care in a professional manner. Your door and window locks need to be selected very carefully and should be very hard or impossible to pick. Windows usually present the most danger and should consist of a very strong glass. Regular glass can be broken very easy but there is a special enforced glass that can be used instead. This type of glass will provide you with more protection and safety. If you have any glass doors in your house, you should definitely install the enforced type of glass and a good door lock in these doors.

Speak to your neighbors about participating in a neighborhood watch program or starting one if there is no current watch program already started. The neighborhood watch program is easy to start and will provide all the participants with so much more security. Your neighbors will be looking after your house and will notify you or police officials if there is a burglary attempt. Watch programs can also be a good preventive measure. There is a less chance that a thief will try to break into the house located in an area with a neighborhood watch sign. The watch program is also very good for your personal safety since you are less likely to be attacked when your neighbors are watching after you.

The next advice is not to offer possible burglars the easy access to your house. Many people have a bad habit to hide the spare key somewhere near the door. It doesn’t matter where the key is hidden: under the door mat, in the shed or at your work desk. If a burglar will find out where the key is, he or she will assume that it is easier to break into your house. There are many ways how your secret hiding place can be discovered. Someone can simply see where you hide your key or the burglar may use a trial and error search method. The best idea is never to hide a spare key anywhere. You should also change the lock immediately if you lost your key or had your key stolen by someone. Good electronic locks can also provide an additional level of security but require you to keep your entrance code in secret at all times.

The next step is to protect yourself in a case of a burglary attempt. You should have your phone near you all the times so you can call the local police department if you believe that you are in any type of danger. Have a backup supply of power to make sure that your security system does not stop working if the power is lost or shut off by the intruder. Have a motion detector light in front of your house to see in advance that someone is approaching your house and to have time to protect yourself and call for help. Have a contact number of a neighbor that you trust and who you can contact in a case of an emergency. Make sure you have such things as a flashlight and some type of instruments to fix some basic problems. Access to a cell phone is always a big plus.

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