Home Security: Protection of Your Personal Privacy.

By: Thomas Hunter

We all know the importance of home security. There are many preventive measures that can be taken to protect your home from intruders. The list of home security equipment includes but is not limited to alarms, monitoring services, video surveillance cameras, motion detectors and many other different security systems. But there is another area very closely related to home security. This area is called the protection of your personal privacy at home. Everybody wants their private life to remain private and there are many steps to make sure you can achieve this. Not only you will protect your privacy but also you will prevent possible break in attempts by protecting information about your house, your valuables and your personal belongings. Protecting your privacy will help with your home security efforts.

There several steps that you will need to follow to insure that you have a total privacy at home. First of all, you should try to keep all of your most valued and expensive items in a safe and hidden place. If someone will see that you have something very expensive at home, they may share this information with others and may trigger a house burglary attempt. At least try to keep your valuables far away from the doors and windows. You might not be afraid of your visitors, friends or neighbors but you should be aware that strangers may also be able to see that you have expensive items at home. Imagine a case when a repairman walks into your house to fix something and sees all of your valuables. This is a situation you should try to prevent.

The next step is to make sure that the inside of your house cannot be viewed from your windows. This specifically applied to houses with large windows. People can see what you have in your house by simply glancing through the window. Imaging what would happen in a situation when a burglar walks by your house and notices something expensive inside. The best thing to do is to cover all of your windows with curtains. The first floor windows should be covered first as they present the most danger. If you have a glass door, it should also be covered with shades or curtains.

It is also important to talk about your car. Many people have a habit of leaving important items or information inside their cars. It does not matter whether you are leaving a car for just a few minutes or for a long time. In any case you need to make sure to take all the important items with you. The first reason is the fact that these items can be stolen. The second reason is the fact that even is a thief does not steal the forgotten items, he or she can decide to try to break into your house because of the possibility to steal even more valuables. You should also never leave any type of paperwork with your personal and financial information. For example, your credit card statement can give a possible thief enough information to judge what king of valuables you have inside of your house. Any information can be used against you and it is a good advice to make sure this information does not end up in the hands of a wrong person.

If a burglar decided to break into your house, he or she will try to gain access to your personal information first. This may even include such things as going through the paperwork that you throw away. Your banking and credit card statements can provide information about your finances. Your schedule can provide information about the hours when you are not at home. The print out of your itinerary will show when you are leaving for a vacation or work trip. A manual from an installed safe or alarm system will provide details about the installed security equipment and systems. There are many other examples that we can provide. The best advice here is to destroy the paperwork that has any of your personal or financial information printed on it. A simple low cost paper shredder can increase the level of your privacy and personal security.

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