Souvenir Seekers - How to Shop for your Mementoes.

By: Thomas Hunter

There are literally hundreds of souvenirs and other novelties you can pick up while traveling. Usually during travels, people enjoy picking up small mementoes that have some special meaning to their trip. Whether youíre traveling to another state or another country, many people enjoy collecting souvenirs and other mementoes to remind them of their travels in years to come. Many of these mementoes can also become valuable collectibles that may be worth some serious money in the years ahead. Most of all, itís just fun to collect souvenirs.

Usually when returning from a vacation, especially if you traveled out of the country, some of your friends and family might expect you to bring something back for them. Souvenirs make a nice thank you gift for those who watched your house while you were away or the babysitter who often watches your children. People just like to be thought of and when you return home with a gift for them, whether itís a magnet, a baseball hat or a t-shirt with that state or countryís namesake on it, they are very appreciative.

When youíre out shopping for those little mementoes of your trip, remember all those you hold near and dear to your heart and even those who you know are just expecting something from you when you return. If you have a lot of children in your extended family or even the neighbors, be sure to have enough souvenirs to go around. Also remember to buy extras so you will have an extra gift in case you happen to forget somebody, but always buy some for yourself. Even if you buy two or three of a particular memento to ensure you have one for yourself and one or two for gift giving.

The most popular and least expensive mementoes are those little refrigerator magnets in the shape of a particular state or with the stateís image. There are also cigarette lighters, ash trays, shot glasses, coffee mugs and travel mugs. You donít have to be a smoker or a coffee drinker to buy or receive one of these items; they all make nice knickknacks to display. Itís best to have a particular person in mind when purchasing these items. Although you can give an ash tray to a person who doesnít smoke, you probably donít want to give one to a person who had recently kicked the habit.

Key chains, bumper stickers, window decals, miniature spoons, glass bells and miniature tea sets, all depicting the image or name of the state or country, will also make great souvenirs and gifts. These are items that make great gifts for relatives and neighbors. Some people own a fine collection of miniature spoons or tea sets and this can make a fine addition to their collection. Most often appreciated souvenirs, which may often be more costly, are those that can be worn or used often, such as: t-shirts, sweat shirts, baseball hats, jackets, pens, stationary and coolers with the state or countryís namesake imprinted on it. These make great gifts for yourself, your family, or for kids of any age.

If you are traveling out of country, such as beautiful Canada, check out their great collection of mementoes that you may not even want to part with. Some great souvenirs from Canada are Point Blankets. These are beautiful and warm blankets that were first offered for trade in the late 1600's by the Native Americans. The ďpointsĒ (short lines) on the blanket is a historical reference to the number of beaver pelts that were to be traded for the blanket. Then you can cozy up in your Point Blanket while wearing a Cowichan Sweater which is made out of wool with wooden buttons embossed with various depictions of nature. This sweater was first made by the natives of the Cowichan region on the west coast of Canada and to this day is an adorned piece of clothing and a great souvenir. Now these are great mementoes of a Canadian vacation and they also make terrific gifts that your family and friends will cherish.

In your travels and souvenir shopping, always be sure to buy plenty for yourself and remember those people in your life that you would like to reward with a special gift. Especially if you are traveling out of country, or to a place you may never be able to return to, itís a good idea to bring something back with you so you can have something special to remember your trip by.

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