The State Park Pass - Why Frequent Campers Love It.

By: Thomas Hunter

Camping is a great past time or mini vacation that can be enjoyed as an individual, as a couple or as a family. Many people enjoy camping at state parks, where the amenities are plentiful and the fees are affordable. The wonderful thing about the state park systems is that they offer ample opportunities for the public to enjoy the great outdoors as nature intended. No matter what state you live in, thereís almost always a state park within reasonable driving distance from your home.

State parks are great for camping when they are less crowed during the weekdays, but on the weekends and in the warmer months, they become very busy. Most people seek out the more secluded areas to camp in for more privacy and so they are not bothered with rowdy nearby campers. Having a reasonable distance between campsites is more desirable to campers and this is considered when choosing a state park to purchase a pass from. Not many people choose over crowded state parks with campers elbow to elbow, they want their own space.

The best way to plan a camping trip to a state park is to first select which state park you want to camp at, check the availability of the camp sites and get the reservation information you need and then obtain a pass. Most of this information is available online with comparable charts to make it easier to choose a state park with all the amenities youíre looking for. Especially if you are a camping enthusiast that frequently goes camping at a particular state park, obtaining a pass can be a great benefit. Some passes can give you rights to a specific location and you can buy these passes each time you visit or by the season or the year.

Campers love these state park passes because it allows them easy access to a fantastic facilities used to make your camping experience more comfortable and more enjoyable. Some of the amenities state parks will offer are: clean restrooms, hot showers, convenience stores, tackle shop, boat rental, boat launches, marinas, weekend movies, playgrounds, small beach, hiking trails, fire pit, horse riding and other planned activities. Although the restrooms are public, they are often kept clean and sanitary. The stores are great for buying food and necessities, because no matter how carefully you plan, something will most likely be forgotten. Being able to rent a boat is great if you enjoy boating, but donít actually own a boat and you wonít have to lug a boat to and from the camp site. The playgrounds, weekend movies and other planned activities are wonderful for keeping the kids busy so mom and dad can relax and enjoy themselves.

Many of these state parks also offer electric, water and garbage or dump stations for your convenience, but may charge a small fee in addition to your state park pass to use them extra amenities. All of these amenities are regularly offered to those RV campers and to those campers who use tents and sleep with nature. Many of these amenities may vary from state to state and park to park and are to be considered a privilege and used responsibly. Any irresponsible usage of the state parks amenities can revoke your rights to use them and any violation of rules can have you banned from the park.

For many of those outdoor enthusiasts, no summer is complete without spending quality time in the great outdoors. Camping is the best way for some people to get away from their everyday lives and to commune with nature and find the peace and relaxation their body needs. Camping is the perfect way of getting away from the television, computer, telephones, traffic and everything else that can distract a person from the ultimate relation the body needs.

Itís important to show respect for all amenities in the state park, camp responsibly, and clean up after yourself. If you make a mess, clean it up. If something breaks, tell the park rangers about it immediately, so it can be fixed or replaced in time for the next campers. Especially if this is a state park that you would like to return to, leave the camp site in the condition you have found it, or even better.

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