The business advantages of web conferencing.

By: Thomas Hunter

As the business community becomes more and more and spread out over miles and borders, the internet has become a common tool to use in bridging these distances. One of the latest developments in computer-based communications is that of web conferencing.

Web conferences can be used to conduct market research, hold press conferences and hold operational, board and investor relations meetings. Web conferencing can also be used to make sales presentation and give information to potential customers about your business’s products or services. It can be even be used to conduct a live auction. A web conference is an ideal way to do all these things because it allows information to be shared instantaneously and the information can still be accessed even after the session.

Employing this technology can give your business a competitive edge as the technology remains relatively fresh. In addition many experts believe that in a few years, web conferencing will be widespread and as common a form of communication as any other technology that preceded it.

Web conferencing has many advantages for your business. You can have great savings and increase your productivity. Businesses taking advantage of web conferencing have the comfort and convenience of holding meetings with customers and clients and keeping in touch with their co-workers, merely through the click of a mouse. Because web conferencing allows for interaction over great distances, the need for travel, its cost and the time needed to take a journey are eliminated. Instead you can conduct your meeting wherever you are and wherever your business partners or staff may be. You can also reach more people even if they are attending the session from different and distant locations, effectively widening the scope of your business. Instead of wasting time and money traveling, you can channel that time and money to more productive ends. Particularly with soaring fuel prices, the savings on travel that one can reap from web conferencing are not to be overlooked.

Aside from an increase in productivity from more effectively used time and money, there are some savings you might not even be aware of. Gone is the tediousness and hassle of having to prepare for a traditional style conference. Conference space will not have to be found and rented. Also, because information can be distributed electronically, you can save on costs and resources that would have been typically allocated to just having papers printed out.

A major advantage of conducting business through web conferencing is that you can present the information first hand to the actual people who will make important decisions. You can clarify your positions and respond to their queries.

Aside from external communications, web conferencing can also be used as a tool to keep you on top of things in your own organization. Many businesses have team members who work in offices from different locations. Different departments such as sales, design and production may also be based far away from each other and your headquarters. The distance makes it difficult for each to have a full picture of the company's strategies and developments as time and distance may make it impractical to regularly meet with them for updates. Web conferencing can allow you to have operational meetings and build and maintain relationships with members of your team who are not onsite.

Aside from the real-time and international access web conferencing offers, services also offer features to help you manage your conferences more effectively and consequently your business. For example you can save audio files to access later and also edit out unnecessary portions.

If you are a potential investor, deciding to invest in a particular business, you will also be able to see for yourself the firm’s management savvy through a web conference. A good performance through a web conference can inspire confidence in investors.

Using web conferences for shareholders’ meetings can have many advantages. Previously, a shareholder or investor may have to wait for an annual company meeting in order to have access to what is happening or developing in a particular company. Conducting web-based investor-relations services can not only make your company more accessible but also promote a deeper and wider sense of corporate democracy.

Customer satisfaction is very important to any business. Web conferencing is also a tool through which you can offer your clients more personalized customer service. If a certain product has to be explained, web conferencing with video can allow you to achieve this. Especially as web conferencing can allow people to turn over control of their computer to other participants, web conferencing is particularly a valuable tool if a certain function has to be demonstrated. You can give more involved support to your clients than if you were merely giving instructions over a telephone. A nice cherry to top the cake is that the interactivity of a web conference can build a closer relationship between you and your valued customers and clients.

Web conferencing is an innovation that spawns creativity. Because the barriers of geographical limitations have been broken down, companies now have the freedom to devise bold new ways to drive their business. Organizations who make use of web conferencing are performing all the functions a thriving business should do, marketing, sales, training and support to clients, customers and potential business partners as if everything was right in the same room and at their fingertips.

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