Ten ways web conferencing can improve your business.

By: Thomas Hunter

As technology continues to break new barriers, businesses have more ways to conduct their operations and improve their bottom line. One such development is web conferencing. Because it can break down geographical barriers, web conferencing is a valuable tool to enlist for many reasons.

1. Expand your horizon. - One way web conferencing can improve your business is by allowing you to move beyond your normal sphere of business. Because web conferencing allows you to communicate with more people even if they are miles away from each other and yourself, your business will grow as you can reach more customers and clients with the technology. People, no matter where they may be located can join you in virtual space to attend the conference. Participation in the business process is more expansive allowing you to create, maintain and continuously develop your contacts.

2. Savings, savings, savings. - Obviously, web conferencing will lead to huge savings, not just in money but also in time. Because it is a more affordable option to face-to-face meetings, you will no longer have to physically travel (unless you want to) and waste valuable hours on an airplane to meet with business partners, potential investors, clients and even your own co-workers. With web conferencing, they are just a click away and practically at your fingertips. Aside from travel costs, you can also save on operational expenses that go with preparing and holding a traditional conference, such as paper for information materials and the reservations for a conference room.

3. Productivity. - The savings in time and money logically lead to greater productivity. With the need for travel eliminated, you and your co-workers can spend more time where it is more productive: your office or wherever your base of operations is located. Web conferencing also allows a faster rate with which you can exchange documents and other important information so there is a higher degree of collaboration. Because scheduling conflicts are almost cut out with web conferencing, you can also handle emergencies better and be on top of any situation just by simply logging on. All this will lead to sharper effectiveness within your organization. In addition, web conferencing can help you develop your own organization in the hiring process by having these conducted through a web conference.

4. Better management. - Because web conferencing enables participation, you can boost the morale of your employees, co-workers or departments that are based apart from you and each other. Without regular interaction and isolated from the center of action, these integral engines which are so important to keeping your business running, may begin to run out of tune. Web conferencing allows you to touch base with them on a more regular basis so you can have a clearer picture of what’s happening within your organization and manage these engines better. With its real-time features, web conferencing can help your organization stay on track to meet project deadlines by meeting online to collaborate and brainstorm for example.

5.Better collaboration. - Because web conferencing allows you to share and send files on a real-time basis, you will be able to collaborate better on projects. Different branches such as sales, marketing and design can have more input in coming up with a more integrated final product than if they were working separately with little contact between them.

6. Better decision making, better negotiation. – A web conference allows for real-time sharing of information; Information that is crucial to making businesses that can help your organization reach its targets. Because of this real-time quality, more important decisions can be made faster especially with feedback of important stakeholders.

7. Customer support.  - Your clients and customers are probably your main concern. It is important that you create and maintain good relations with the to inspire a feeling of trust and to impart to them not just instructional material but that you are accessible to offer support with regards to your product or services. A web conference service especially one with video capabilities can help you to provide more personalized customer service to your clients while building rapport and inspiring confidence at the same time.

8. Sales and Marketing. - Aside from expanded coverage and being able to reach more people, web conferencing also offers you different ways to get your point across. For example, you can increase sales by offering “webinars” to advertise and demonstrate your products and services and reach a wider base of potential clients with more impact than an ordinary pamphlet. Web conferencing is a useful tool to help you improve your sales process and get you an edge over your competitors. For example, a web conference can transport you right into the homes and officers of your audience when you have a sales pitch to make and give you different ways to make your proposals. Because interaction is possible through a web conference, your audience can ask you questions, allow you to clarify your proposals and ultimately close a sale.

9. Training. – Web conferencing can keep your employees and co-worker’s skills sharp by enabling training to be held over the internet. They will no longer have to take unnecessary time out of their actual work to improve their output and methods.

10. Improved communication. - Web conferences will make communication within and outside your company easier and more effective. You will be able to convey your message in a variety of styles such as through Power Point slides, web tours and application sharing. Your business partners can become more involved in the decision making process and your and your customers can have increased access to each other. In addition, a web conference session can be played back at another time, so you can be sure that the information shared will be retained.

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