Four Ways to Avoid Montezuma's Revenge.

By: Thomas Hunter

Traveling to Mexico can be one of the most exhilarating experiences of your life. It is filled with a number of different sites that you can see nowhere else. It is truly a country that has it all. You can spend your time on pristine beaches. You can visit archaeological dig sites. You can soak up nature's beauty in countless locations. You can even spend your time enjoying the amenities of a four star resort. Many people though contract Montezuma's revenge, better known as traveler's diarrhea while in Mexico, and there are four good ways to prevent it.

First, it is important to know a bit about this medical condition. It affects up to fifty percent of all tourists who visit third world countries each year. It is caused by e.coli bacteria that will nest in your digestive tract. The most common symptoms of this condition include increased frequency, volume, and weight of stool, frequent loose stools (you can have anywhere from four to twelve watery bowel movements each day you are experiencing the condition), abdominal cramps, nausea, vomiting, fever, and bloating. Serious cases can lead to dehydration, which can result in hospitalization. There are many different treatments, but none are as effective as the course of time itself.

To prevent this medical condition, you can start by avoiding the water. You should not even consider drinking the tap water. It is interesting to note that citizens of the country are able to drink the tap water and use it for many different purposes because their digestive tracts are attuned to the bacteria present in the water. Just because the locals have the ability to drink it and use it for various purposes does not mean you have the same ability. If you must drink tap water, be sure to boil it for a minimum of ten minutes before you drink it. This should make it safe from bacteria. When you brush your teeth, be sure you avoid using tap water. Even a tiny amount can contain the bacteria that will make you sick. When you go to buy bottled water, be sure the seal has not been broken or tampered with in any way. If the bottles simply contain refilled tap water, you could still have real problems. Be sure that you do not eat any of the salads in the restaurants. Their leaves are washed with tap water, and even a minimal amount will set the bacteria in motion.

Another way to prevent this medical condition is to only eat fruits with a peel or fruits that you have washed yourself with bottled water. If you are served fresh fruit in a restaurant, it is not good enough to simply ask the waiter about how the fruit wash washed. If you truly want to prevent this wretched medical condition, you must be sure to do everything yourself.

An additional way to prevent Montezuma's Revenge is to not eat food sold by street vendors. They may look very tempting, but these foods can make you sick faster than anything else. You have no idea how the food was washed or prepared. Moreover, you do not know the doneness of the meats you may be eating.

One final way to prevent this medical problem is to avoid places that will serve you rewarmed food. Bacteria form on food as it cools. As a result, the rewarming process does not kill the bacteria formed on the food, which can be a real problem. It certainly indicates you will get sick from the food.

Here are a few tips. Safe items while traveling include freshly prepared dishes served steaming hot, meats that have been cooked to order (be sure to order well done meat), fruits you have peeled or washed yourself, breads and baked goods, hot drinks like tea and coffee, bottled or boiled water, and other bottled or canned drinks. Don't forget to stay away from tap water, ice, uncooked vegetables or peeled fruits that you have not washed with bottled water yourself, cold salads, buffets, food sold by vendors on the street, and any food that has been rewarmed.

Visiting Mexico can be a wonderful experience. You'll stay healthy throughout your trip if you just follow these easy tips.

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