Banish Bad Breath – Quit Smoking!

By: Thomas Hunter

One of the effects that smoking has on you is that it causes bad breath as well as other dental problems. There are several reasons why smoking causes problems with your breath and oral hygiene. While there may be some temporary fixes to banish bad breath, the easiest way to get rid of the bad oral hygiene is to quit smoking.

The main reason for bad breath when smoking is found to be caused by the chemicals found in cigarettes. These are then moved into your mouth, where they can build up. Tar and nicotine easily begin to build up on the mouth surfaces. They can stick to places like the teeth, gums, tongue and side of the cheeks. This causes smoker’s breath to form.

One of the major results of the chemicals in the cigarettes is that it allows bacteria to form in your mouth. The first way in which bacteria is able to stay in your mouth is from these chemicals. When they stay on your mouth’s surface, it allows the bacteria to stick to certain places, giving them a place to thrive.

Another reason why smoking causes bad breath, is because it dries out your mouth. In consequence, this stops the saliva from continuously flowing and cleansing out your mouth. This is what causes the growth of certain types of bacteria in your mouth, which then lead to a continuous odor on your breath. Because the saliva is not able to move as freely, it can’t clean out the bacteria that move through your mouth. These same parts of smoking also cause cavities and yellowing of teeth to form easier.

Another reason why smoking will cause bad breath is because it raises the temperature in your mouth. This causes oral tissue cells to be damaged and killed. These will then not be able to protect the mouth efficiently, causing the bacteria to be able to move into the mouth easier. This may eventually lead to more serious problems with your oral hygiene.

More serious problems with smoking and dental hygiene may include gum disease and oral cancer. This can cause long term effects by someone who smokes. The tobacco that moves into your system causes your immune system to limit how it can fight infection. It also stops the growing of blood vessels. Both of these contribute to one who smokes getting gum disease or oral cancer.

One of the ways that most smokers will get rid of bad breath is by using a certain type of smoke screen gum. This will neutralize the odor causing bacteria on your tongue after you smoke a cigarette. However, this type of gum is usually fairly expensive and does not eliminate the bad breath after you smoke another cigarette. The bacteria is still able to move inside your mouth, and the chemicals that stick to your teeth, gums, tongue and cheeks still remain in place. Most quick remedies that are there for smokers are used for shorter term fixes and are unable to eliminate the complex problems that form in your oral hygiene from smoking.

The easiest way to prevent dental problems and bad breath is by stopping smoking all together. This will begin to change several of the problems that have occurred with bad breath because of smoking. After you quit smoking, the saliva in your mouth is able to move more freely. This will naturally begin to get rid of the extra bacteria that were able to grow in your mouth. The next thing that will happen is the blood vessels and the tissue cells will begin to repair. Nutrients, such as Vitamin C, which were being killed by the bacteria before, will have a chance to repair and build back in your mouth. This is one of the main agents that will fight the bacteria.

Eventually, the chemicals, tar and nicotine that were beginning to stay in your mouth will also be washed away. This will leave no room for the bacteria to stay in your mouth and cause the bad breath. When you quit smoking, your mouth will begin to rebuild the damaged areas. These will not only help to prevent bad breath, but also things such as stained teeth, and more serious problems dealing with gum disease and oral cancer.

Deciding to quit smoking is a choice that will help with your health in many areas, including your oral hygiene. By deciding to quit smoking, your mouth will be able to function better and remain healthy. If you want to eliminate your bad breath or smokers’ breath then deciding to quit smoking is the best way to do it.

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