Effects of Prolonged Smoking on your Sex Life.

By: Thomas Hunter

For both men and women, smoking for long periods of time will cause your sex life to be less enjoyable, eventually causing many problems with your sex life and experiences. The chemicals that move through the blood stream eventually moves through ones body when they are smoking. This causes the blood flow and hormones to change. This doesnít change the sex life of your partner for the better, but rather, prevents them from enjoying sex as much as possible. It may also cause problems if you are trying to become pregnant or are already pregnant.

For men, smoking can cause several problems with sex. One of the major problems attributed with smoking is erectile dysfunction, also known as ED. Through smoking, men have more problems with erection or with completing intercourse. This is because of the higher blood pressure that smoking causes. The circulation in a manís blood stream is not moving at a normal pace, but is much higher. Because of this, it causes a narrowing of blood vessels in the pelvic area and reduces the blood flow. By smoking, the chemicals in your blood stream will cause a change in your bodyís functioning, eventually causing a change in your sex life.

Women may have the same problems with sexual factors if they are smoking. Smoking causes the hormones in the blood stream to function at a much lower level than normal. Because of the uneven flow of hormones and cardiovascular functioning, women will have a slower ovulatory response time when having sex.

Another problem that may occur when a woman smokes in relation to her sex life is through the use of oral contraceptives or other methods of birth control. If you are taking some type of contraceptive and also smoke, it will cause problems related to cardiovascular diseases. This is because the hormones from the contraceptives cause a change in womenís blood pressure. This will react not only to the womanís body, but will also react to the extra chemicals that are in a womanís body from the smoking. This includes things such as blood clots, heart attacks and strokes. This is then also increased through the smoking, causing a high risk for disease among women.

If you are trying to become pregnant, smoking has shown to cause prevention for women to conceive, as well as cause problems with infertility. The first reason for this is because of the slower response time from the woman. Another reason why it is harder for a woman to become pregnant is because of the chemicals that are found in cigarettes. This changes the cervical fluid in a womanís body, causing it to become toxic. If a man smokes, the chances of a woman becoming pregnant also remain low. The same toxic chemicals can move into a manís sperm, causing gene mutations, miscarriage, birth defects, cancer, or other problems from a child. It may also prevent the woman from becoming pregnant.

If a woman is pregnant and smokes, there are several risks that she is taking. Cigarettes are filled with several chemicals that are bad for the health of the child. The chemicals in this tobacco are passed from the mother to the fetus. Smoking can cause premature birth, miscarriage, and other problems with the unborn child. Nicotine levels in a born child are often high when they are born, causing withdrawal symptoms to occur for a period of time after they are born. This may cause sickness from the newborn baby to occur more than expected.

While smoking is often attributed with a better sex life, in reality, it can become detrimental to your sex life in many ways. This is something that can be seen through the changes that occur from smoking in both men and women. Hormone changes and shifts in blood flow are two of the major changes that happen when smoking. If you are trying to become pregnant, or are already pregnant, smoking can cause severe problems to your unborn child.

By stopping your smoking habit, you will allow a normalized pace of your blood circulation. This will allow a more fulfilling experience for both you and your partner. Quitting your smoking habit will also allow better chances for pregnancy or for your child.

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