I Can Think Clearly Now - theSmoke is Gone.

By: Thomas Hunter

After one decides to quit smoking, there are several changes that will occur. One of the most obvious changes is that in your health. Beyond this, you will find that psychological and material changes that become a part of the switch after the smoking habit, disappears from your life. The benefits that occur after one decides to quit smoking occur on a physical and emotional level.

One of the ways in which things will begin to change with your body after you quit smoking is through the levels of chemicals that stop taking over your body. After only twenty minutes after your last cigarette, your blood pressure decreases, the pulse rate drops, and the body temperature of your hands and feet will increase. At first, this feeling will cause you to want to continue smoking, but if you allow the change to occur in your body, it will eventually relax you as your body is able to normalize in its functioning.

The next thing that happens after you quit smoking is that the carbon monoxide level in your blood and the oxygen level in your blood will return to normal. This begins after about forty-eight hours from your last cigarette. Part of the addiction of smoking is that these two types of chemicals stay on a high through smoking cigarettes. Your body creates a need for these levels to stay higher. By stopping your addiction to cigarettes, it will allow your body to be more relaxed by allowing the extra chemicals to be removed from your blood stream.

One of the effects that smoking has on your body is that it allows nerve endings to break off because of the chemicals that are in the cigarettes. By quitting, the nerve endings will begin to re-grow. At first, it may seem that you have nicotine withdrawal symptoms, but it is allowing the nerves to build back in your system. As a result, your senses will improve in their sensitivity. You will find that your taste and smell will become stronger.

Over a longer period of time, you may begin to notice that not only does the state of your body begin to normalize, but the health risk factors will begin to decrease. Strokes, lung cancer, ulcer diseases, coronary heart disease, and a more substantial life are all diseases and health problems that will disappear after the chemicals from the smoke disappear from your body. By quitting smoking, it will allow a healing and clearing process to begin which will clear out your system from the diseases that you were more susceptible to when you were smoking.

Along with the health benefits that take place in your body, there are also several psychological benefits that occur from you quitting the habit of smoking. At first, several experience withdrawal symptoms, causing a craving for nicotine. However, if you can move past this, then there are benefits that will occur for you mentally. Feelings of freedom are one of the psychological benefits to stop smoking. A lowering of anxiety will also begin to occur. Many say that changes in their environment will occur, as well as a boost in self-esteem. Because of the addicting nature of cigarettes, it often causes one to feel powerless, lowering the self-esteem. When one quits smoking, there is a boost in power and control over their lives.

One of the things that are part of smoking is the environment, financial sacrifices, and time. By stopping smoking, all of these aspects will turn into beneficial changes and move into part of the feeling of freedom that happens by taking away the addiction. Changes in the environment such as smell will cause a change in your health as well as confidence. Being able to save money also allows a new psychological freedom. You will also not be subject to time, as you will not need to stop what you are doing for a cigarette break. This will help with your production time, and will allow you to think more clearly.

The changes in health and mental states are benefits to you for allowing yourself to quit smoking. While the beginning may cause some anxiety for the addiction, getting past this and allowing you to step into a new found freedom with many benefits that will surround you.

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