6 Steps to Mortgage Pre-Qualification.

By: Thomas Hunter

People wanting to take a home mortgage loan are mortally afraid of being considered bankrupt barely a day or so after their home loan has been approved. If borrowers have a reputation of bankruptcy or foreclosure, it can mean bad credit loans in the mortgage business. Therefore, a borrower with such a history should not expect to get the same kind of home mortgage loan as a borrower with perfect credit.

Self Pre-Qualification

Credit Score: Before trying to get a home mortgage loan, borrowers should first see realistically just where they stand with their credit rating. Do they belong to the A, B, C or D grades where A stands for perfect credit; B for a bit of tarnished reputation; C fairly bad credit; and D for very bad credit? Scoring models also make a big difference to the borrower: Here, a near perfect score is about 800 with scores getting bad as you reach the 400 mark. Some of these go by names such as FICO, Beacon or Empirica and belong to major credit reporting agencies.

Loan-to-Value Ratio (LTV): Loan eligibility also takes into consideration the ratio between the amount of money borrowed on a home mortgage loan and the real value of the property being placed as collateral. To know the value of new purchases, as a borrower, you would have to consider the lower purchase price of the appraised value. If a home owner has lived on the property for about six months or a year, coupled with refinance, the appraised value can be used in the loan to value calculation. But this distinction can also present problems as when a home is bought a home worth $100,000 at an auction for a mere $60,000.00. Credit needed over the mortgage amount is usually made from a cash down payment. When the loan available due to limited LTV does not meet the requirements of the sale price of the house in question, family support usually helps.

Debt-to-Income Ratio: You can calculate the debt-to-income ratio by adding all the borrower’s debt payments, including the home mortgage loan applied for and any other such as car loans, consumer debt, credit cards etc. Now, divide this number by the net cash available each month for the borrower’s living expenses and his debt. Lenders would not prefer this figure to exceed 40%.

Affordability: Having all these calculations at your fingertips, you should be able to judge your borrower’s affordability and exactly where he falls in the credit rating system for a home mortgage loan.

Pointers for home mortgage loan borrowers:

Points for good credit borrowers: If a borrower has a history of bad credit, lenders will charge him more points and higher rates of interest since it is a risk for a lender to deal with such a person. But borrowers on home mortgage loans with a good credit history should not enter into a loan agreement where they are forced to pay points based on a bad credit loan. After all, if a borrower has worked hard to earn good credit, he deserves the benefits.

Pricing for bad credit borrowers:

To have bad credit often means coughing up a higher rate of interest and origination fees on a home mortgage loan. Usually, points can come to the borrower in several avatars—origination fees, discount fees, broker fees or yield spread premium. Points on a loan refer to a fee that is about one percent of the loan amount. So, borrowers with good credit may often pay nothing while those with bad credit will have to pay four or five points. Sometimes, unwary customers have been asked to pay up to 10 points—something highly unwarranted. In fact, should this happen to you or anyone you know, he should consider it a red flag that someone is trying to cheat him. Of course, the mortgage broker will explain this by saying he can provide a loan where no one else will take the risk.

In such cases, finding a lender willing to help out with credit may take a little longer for the borrower but if he is diligent enough about his search, the home mortgage loan will finally materialize the way he wants it.

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