The advantages of paying Your mortgage off early.

By: Thomas Hunter

One nagging question that perhaps gnaws at everyone’s peace of mind at some point of time or other is: Should you pay off your home loan or invest the money? You’ll be amazed by the variety of answers this question can elicit, and from this alone you can realize that there’s no one answer for everyone. Though theoretically, the concept is simple: If you think of extra mortgage payments as an investment and your return as the interest on the loan, you need to now consider if you can get higher returns elsewhere? “Yes?” Then, keep the mortgage and invest the money securely.

Having said that, it’s a matter that requires great thought whether you should pay off your mortgage payments or carry them for longer. It depends on several factors such as your tax bracket, how your cash-flow picture looks and what you think about carrying a big loan on your head. Your decision really depends on your mental make-up and your situation in life.

For instance, if you are at the peak of your career, you should hold on to your mortgage. No, don’t consider paying off an early mortgage just yet. If you are in the high income bracket, it means higher income tax too. The good news is that your mortgage interest is just one more income tax deduction you can claim to pay a lower tax. This is the happy side to your loan and you never realized it, did you?

Now, you can even get the most out of your mortgage-interest deduction if you pay off the greater part of your interest early on in your loan term. You can do this by paying one or two more installments during the year. Now to balance your budget, take care to save for a rainy day, for your children’s education, etc.

If mortgage rates are low, invest your money in schemes that give you better returns. But when mortgage rates are higher, invest it in to your home since this guarantees you a higher rate of interest. If for example, you have a 14% mortgage, you can get a 14% rate of interest if you pay it off. Then, before you know it, you will be loan-free.

If you are reaching retirement age, you perhaps want to expedite the repayment of your loans so that you are debt-free when you hang up your boots. Ensure that paying off your mortgage payments in a rush doesn’t actually become counter-productive.

So suppose you decide to refinance your mortgage so that your term is shortened to 15 years and you have a zero balance on your home loan by the time you’re 65 years old. Due to this, your principal and interest payment stand at $950 a month instead of $750 a month. When you reach pay-off day, you can now invest that $950 in a fund that gives you 9% interest. Give yourself another 15 years and you’ll have a tidy sum of $360,000.

Now let us suppose you’ve been retired for a few years now. Considering this, you’re sure to have been paying off more principal than mortgage interest. If this is so, paying off the mortgage loan becomes your prime interest in life, besides also proving to be a cash flow problem. If you know that post-retirement your cash flow will be largely restricted, it would be wiser for you to concentrate on paying off your mortgage. But if you have a few assets or none, it might be a better idea for you to diversify your investments. You could consider saving in either a savings or money market account which would give you healthier returns than the interest you are paying out on your mortgage.

If you’ve just sold a big house and are cash-rich, taking out a mortgage makes complete sense, just so long as your investment returns are larger than your mortgage interest. If you don’t tie up all your cash in real estate, you can take full advantage of tax deduction, invest in other schemes and have greater liquidity at your command. Not only will your loan be paid off, but you will have peace of mind in your sunset years.

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