One size does not fit all – choosing the right loan for you.

By: Thomas Hunter

Over the past decade, thanks to a real estate market that has been performing consistently well, home equity financing has become a viable option. This in turn has made the credit or loan option for home equity financing for consumers worth considering. Since everyday Americans realize the value of owning one’s own home to raise capital and refinance debt, home equity as a solid foundation is a powerful financial base to build on.

The year 2003 was a rollercoaster ride for the American stock market, but was consistently steady for the real estate market. Though the prices of homes continued to soar, it proved to be a happy trend as it proved that people still saw a home as a smart investment. This is good news for you, house owners—it signifies that despite the economic outlook, the value of your home continues to appreciate. This perhaps should give you the impetus to consider taking a financing option such as a home equity loan or line of credit.

Why consider home equity: Take for instance the rising worth of your own home and the boom in the real estate market—two solid reasons for you to seriously consider taking home equity financing. For one, home equity financing comes with a lot of tax advantages for you. You might also be able to reduce your taxes by claiming the interest you pay on your home equity credit as a deduction. Speak to your tax consultant about this. If you want to borrow money or secure your debt, you’ll find home equity products a smart choice since they carry a lower interest rate than other loans and may, therefore lower your monthly payments.

How to leverage your home equity financing: If you want to get the best out of your home equity financing, you could choose to do it as most people do: use it to refinance your debt and pay back higher-interest loans. But if you are fortunate enough not to have loan balances to repay, you can further raise the value of your house by improving it. Perhaps you want to give a facelift to your kitchen or garage? Perhaps you need to add a second storey? These projects can easily be financed by home equity credit. Take a look at just how fellow-Americans get the most out of their home equity. And then, put it down to the boom in the real estate market.

Your kind of home equity plan: You can choose from either a home equity loan or a home equity credit line—something that largely depends on your needs. But to set yourself into estimating how much financing you require, you should consider a home equity loan. If you do, you will need to borrow only as much as you need for your home improvement project. But if you can’t estimate your needs, your best bet is a home equity line of credit might be a better choice. This is also helpful if you have more than one need such as reducing your credit card out standings and debt, besides also paying for a big purchase—both of which will demand ready access to huge sums of cash.

If your need is for stability or flexibility, yet again, home equity loans give you a steady payment plan. This means that your interest rate and monthly payments remain fixed over time. On the other hand, a home equity line of credit is as flexible an option as a credit card with your payments being judged against how much you borrow and the interest rates varying proportionately with a change in Prime Rates. And, if you need financing all together or once in a way, think again because a home equity loan can give you all the money you need all at once too! Besides, with this, you can borrow as much as you like when you want it, just so long as you remain within your prescribed credit limit.

Financing your home is a big decision for you. True, there are very many home equity loan products available today, but you need to think well about the home equity line of credit that suits your financial goals.

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