Government Grown Loans – The Lowdown on FHA and VA Loans.

By: Thomas Hunter

If you are looking into purchasing a new home or refinancing a home, there are loans that you can qualify for no matter what the circumstances. Two of these types of loans in which one can qualify for include FHA and VA loans. FHA loans are used for lower income families as well as those that are purchasing their first home. VA loans are for those who have served in the army, reserves, etc. Both of these types of loans for homes have foundations in governmental funding.

FHA stands for the Federal Housing Administration. They allow lower income U.S. citizens to borrow money in order to purchase a home. They are also used for first time buyers who are looking into purchasing a home or one who wants to refinance their existing mortgage. FHAs began as a government loan, but have moved into private mortgage insurance companies in order to help one with loans for their home. FHA is used to help individuals and families mortgage a home which they would not be able to afford otherwise.

There are several different types of FHA loans. The first is the insured FHA loan. This type insures mortgages to those interested in purchasing or refinancing a home. They are mostly focused on low and moderate income families. Their main intent is to lower costs of mortgage loans. Minimum requirements for this type of loan include manufactured homes, single family and multi-family properties and health related facilities. Limited costs and low down payments are some of the advantages of this FHA loan. Another type of loan is the adjustable rate FHA. This allows interest rates to increase or decrease over a given amount of time. When the interest on mortgage rates increases, this type of loan will allow mortgage financing to be more affordable. This rate is adjusted annually, and will increase and decrease over the period of the loan.

Another type of FHA loan is for those with rising incomes. This allows any one who is buying a home to start at a low mortgage rate. Over time, the mortgage payments will become larger in accordance with the income. This loan is especially useful for families who are just starting out or for first time buyers. Another loan that is similar to this is the FHA Mortgage with increased payments. This also allows families with limited income to buy a home with a low mortgage rate. When their income increases, they will be able to put more into the mortgage, which will then pay off the mortgage sooner than the required term.

One of the FHA loans available is for Energy Efficient Mortgages. This type of loan will allow the one requiring the loan to save money on utility bills by adding energy efficient features to a new or existing home. By giving homeowners a loan to do this, they are cutting the cost of the loan as well as helping to achieve national energy-efficiency goals. The cost that will be cut is determined by a home energy rating system or energy consultant.

If you are one that is not buying a home, there are also FHA loans available for condominiums. This loan offers insurance for those who own a condominium unit. If they make this their primary residence, than they can get a loan for the upkeep of the other condominiums. However, the condominiums can’t be converted from old apartment buildings and is required to have at least four units in the area.

VA loans, also known as Veteran Assistance loans, are another type of loan that can assist in buying a home. These types of loans are available to veterans, active service members, reservists and members of the Public Health Service. In the past few years, more than $63 billion has been spent on helping veterans to buy homes. The guaranteed amount that can be given to a person that has served is known as an entitlement. These types of loans usually do not require a down payment and are available from most lenders. They also do not require private mortgage insurance. They will also usually have the lowest monthly payment because it doesn’t have Monthly Mortgage Insurance. Almost any type of home can be purchased. There are also parts of the loan that can be used for refinancing. VA loans also include a funding fee, which is usually about two percent of the loan which will be paid at the closing of the loan.

If you are in need of refinancing or purchasing a home and need more options for a loan for your mortgage, these two types of loans can help you to pay your mortgage and live comfortably.

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