House Rich and Cash Poor – Buying a home that you can afford.

By: Thomas Hunter

There are many factors to think of when buying a home. Many home buyers then to overlook financial factors and can become financially over their heads before they even know what is happening. That is why when you start looking for a home you should take every single fee into accounts, both in terms of loaning and payments after you have bought your home. Here we will go through some things that shouldn’t be over looked so you can buy a home you can truly afford and without having any fees or other things popping up in your road unexpectedly.

The first things you need to think of are these factors:

· How much your down payments will will be? Most loan companies usually want between one and twenty percent.
· How much loan will you need to get and how long will you need to get it for, fifteen years or thirty years?
· How are you going to pay the closing costs? This is one of the things many people tend to overlook at first. This could come straight out of your pocket, or as part of your down payment, or will it be tapped onto the rest your loan?
· How much will your loan cost you at the end of it all, with all the interests and fees included?

Once you have figured out what amount of monies you will need, you will have to think about these factors:

· Are you going to be able to afford the repayment costs each month along with other costs like living expenses? · Your utilities
· Your car payment
· Your insurance
· Food and healthcare
· debts and other such things
· How are you going to pay off your loan, along with everything else, if you fall into financial hardship?

All these things will come into account when you have a mortgage loan and you might not even think of them at first. Just because the company gives you the loan doesn’t mean that you really can afford it. It is one of the things you will have to be careful about and really think about before taking the loan so you don’t get in over your head.

Another thing people tend to overlook when buying a home is the costs of:

· Your lawyer
· The evaluator
· Pest control
· Escrow
· The real estate, if you go through one
· Will you be able to afford any repairs and anything else that is needed on your new home before you are able to move in?

How about after you have found and bought your home, will you be able to afford things such as:

· Renovations you would like to carry out
· Decorating and remodeling expenses
· New furniture and household goods
· Maintenance
· General upkeep of the place
· Your insurances
· How about a security alarm

Another thing you should consider is your plans for the future. Do you plan to get married soon? Start a family? These are things that you should consider when weighing your financial strengths. Greater expenses can add a burden to you mortgage payments.

As you can see the cost in a home is huge when you first delve into the whole process and a lot more complicated than most think at first. You should sit down and take them all into account before taking out a loan Try using one of the calculators on the internet first, just so you can get a fair idea what you are heading for in terms of money. When you do finally take a step into buying your own home you should seek the advice of a financial professional who can go through your budget for you and help you determine exactly what you can afford. They will help you find a home and a loan that will meet your budget so you never fall into a financial trap where you are biting off more than you can chew.

With the right planning and the right loan, you can buy and enjoy the benefits of owning your own home and know that it is truly one that you can afford for years to come.

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