Legality of using loan money for something other than its purpose.

By: Thomas Hunter

When accepting a loan for a specific purpose, you are obligated to use it for that intended purpose. Using the loan for other reasons is actually illegal. The lender will not be happy and may even file a legal action against you. Here we will have a look into what some of the outcomes are and what you should really do if you need a loan, but truthfully.

Usually when you apply for a loan the lender will want to know how you are spending the money and they will usually put a restriction on the use of the loan. This is all done for a good reason. They need to know that their money isn’t going to be wasted. Depending on what the loan is, you will have a variety of fees and interests rates that usually go up when the loan has a high risk borrower. Borrowers who do not have collateral are considered high risk. But this does vary from lender to lender. These terms of what the loan can be used for will be stipulated in the contract you will need to sign when you are approved for the loan. If you are going to use a loan for something other than its initial purpose be aware of the repercussions. These consequences usually include things like having to give back the loan money or if you have spent it you will have to pay it back straight away as well as facing penalty charges. Fees are also applied that resulted in your breaking the agreement that was written out in the contract’s terms and conditions. The lender could even take legal action against you, such as filing a law suit and other related options, which in the end will cost you even more money. You will need to pay your lawyers fees and possibly the lenders lawyer as well, not to mention this will also take up a lot of your time.

To make matters even worse was if you applied for a loan and used it for something other than what you told the lender you were going to use it for, is found to be lying on the application form. Lying about information like your income and assets so you could increase your chances of getting the loan in the first place will only lead you into legal trouble. When you are caught doing this, you could be charged and prosecuted with several counts of fraud as well as other charges. You will also face having a criminal record as well as the possibility of receiving fines, community service, jail and the ruination of your credit record. The lender can also take other legal actions against you.

If you are in need of a loan you are much better off applying for a personal loan. These loans are available through any bank for almost any amount. With a personal loan you have the pleasure and ease of being able to do anything that you please with it. You can buy that stereo you’ve always wanted, a big screen television, a fast car, pay your over due bills, go on a fantastic holiday, move to a new house or practically anything you want, without being restricted and it is a completely legal and up front. No need to lie when applying for a personal loan. Sometimes personal loans can come with higher interest rates since there is a degree of risk involved, but you have the freedom and flexibility to shop around for such things such as lower interest rates. Personal loans usually have a lot more flexibility in their repayment options.

When you really look at it, is it worth putting your clean credit record at risk or even being denied the chance to apply for another loan in the future by lying about what you are using the loan money for? Remember there are plenty of other loan options available that you can apply for and use in absolutely any way you’d like and for anything you want. Do the right thing and tell the truth about what you are going to use your loan money for. In the end, a few extra dollars for the higher interest rate will out weigh any court matters.

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