Keep an eye out for crooked mortgage companies.

By: Thomas Hunter

Everyone wants to buy their own home and the most convenient way to do this in a “rush, rush world” like today, is by applying for a mortgage loan. The mortgage loan business is a big one. There are hundreds if not thousands of them trying to lure you in, but you have to beware and watch out for crooked mortgage companies. These crooked companies are out there and won’t care if your loose your home, your savings or even if you go bankrupt. They especially like to prey on the first time home buyer. These companies are looking out for themselves not you, so when you start your hunt for a mortgage make sure you don’t fall into their trap, no matter how seductive their deals may sound. Here are a few tips to help you point out a crooked and fraudulent mortgage company.

1. Be aware if the lender doesn’t give you a good faith estimate of what the closing cost will be. Under The Real Estates Settlement Act they must provide you with this information within three days once you have applied for the loan. An honest lender will give this to you without a problem as they have nothing to hide. Some of the really good lenders will even give you a good faith estimate on your pre–qualifying information. Also watch out for any company that won’t give you information on any of the costs up front, such as interest and other fees.

2. Beware if the lender says it is ok for you to lie about any information, especially about your income on a mortgage loan to increase your chances of approval. Any sort of lying on any loan form is classified as fraud and is a criminal act. Besides if a lender does encourage you to do such a thing, use your common sense, if they give you the leeway to do it, then they will probably have no problem committing fraudulent acts upon you.

3. Beware of interest rates that are amazingly low or incredibly high. Low interest rates can be very tempting, especially when they beat everyone else by two or three percent. You may think that this will save you money, but in the long run it will only cost you more because most loans with a low interest rate like these tend to increase significantly throughout the time line of the loan. People with a less than perfect credit rating usually fall needlessly victim to high interest rates that are usually two or three percent higher than everyone else. There are many places online that offer to check interest rates against your credit and can give you an accurate estimate of how much you should be paying.

4. Be aware if you feel pressured into applying for a mortgage loan that you don’t understand, can’t financially afford or if you are told that you are only going to get the loan through that certain company. If you do feel unsure of anything with a loan, ask them to explain it to you in detail or go to someone else who you can trust. You may want to speak with a lawyer and ask them to go through the loan with you. If you are being pressured to go with a certain company for a loan, then don’t do it. If they can offer you a loan then so too will other companies and without all of the pressure.

When seeking a mortgage loan, make sure that the contract does not differ from the original contract. Companies that ask for more signers, credit insurance, or prepayment penalty fees are probably looking for ways to make money off of you and don’t have your best interest in mind. In this case, you should take your business else where.

These are just some of the things you should look out for when mortgage loan hunting so you are not caught in a trap by a corrupt company. If you are ever in doubt, don’t use the company, as there are many more to choose from that will be happy to take your business and will offer you assistance with anything you are unsure of.

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