Two for One – Is Lasik Possible for Both Eyes at the Same Time?

By: Thomas Hunter

Lasik surgery is a procedure which allows the cornea in your eye to bend so that the light is able to focus on your eye easier. The doctors first examine the cornea, the tissue around your eye, and other factors that can be created through the use of a laser. They will then determine if you are able to have Lasik surgery in order to correct your vision problems.

Through Lasik surgery, you can correct problems such as nearsightedness or farsightedness in your eyes. While most candidates for Lasik surgery have one eye done at one time in order to correct their vision, it is possible to have Lasik surgery done for both eyes at the same time. However, if you decide to have surgery in both eyes at once, there are several factors to consider.

Because of the process that doctors go through in order to make sure that you are a candidate for Lasik surgery, they will be able to determine how to proceed with the surgery in both eyes. The first thing which doctors will do is examine your eyes to make sure they are healthy. This includes a retina exam and glaucoma test. Through this, they will be able to see how your corneas are curved. They will also be able to determine the thickness of your cornea so they know if they need to be re-cut or re-shaped during the surgery. Many times, doctors begin the surgery by cutting out layers of tissue by your cornea, which helps with the surgery. Because they determine this during the initial exam, they will know exactly what to do in the surgery with both eyes, making it possible to do both eyes at the same time.

However, there may be complications if you do decide to have both eyes corrected at the same time. When you have surgery on only one eye during the surgery, you are able to see how that eye has responded to the surgery. If it has a bad reaction, it is easier to fix in the one eye, and allow healing. Sometimes, the sensitivity in the eyes will cause problems in reaction to the surgery, making it hard to have the surgery in the second eye.

At the same time, by only having surgery in one eye, it will be easier to see how the doctor should change the procedure for the other eye in order to ensure that there won’t be as many complications or risks with the healing process afterwards. While it will cause more time and more doctor visits to have one eye done at a time, it will also allow the vision to be changed more easily in the end.

In relation to this, the Lasik surgery may cause an under-correction or over-correction of the eye. If this happens in both eyes at once, then your vision will be worse than what it would have been if only one eye had gone through the surgery, and the second eye would have had a better correction. The problems that may occur during the surgery with the measurements that the doctors take is one thing to consider if you are deciding to have both eyes done at once.

Another problem which may occur if you decide to have Lasik surgery in both eyes at the same time is that both of your eyes may be blurred after the surgery and may remain that way until the first stage of healing is over. If you decide to have Lasik surgery in only one eye at a time, then you can depend on the other eye for vision while the one is healing. Along with this are the effects that take place after the surgery is over in relation to pain. Lasik surgery is known to cause pain and burning after it is finished. If you decide to do both eyes at once, the pain and burning may be worse than it would have been otherwise.

While Lasik surgery is possible to do in both eyes at once, it can often cause complications and problems. It is important that your doctor notifies you of the complications that may occur if you decide to have Lasik surgery in both eyes. If you decide to have Lasik surgery, it is best to consider the factors in relation to the outcomes when determining whether you should have the surgery done in one eye or both eyes at the same time.


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