How to Shop Around for a Lasik Eye Surgeon.

By: Thomas Hunter

When you are thinking about having Lasik vision correction, it is important to not only understand the procedure, the benefits and the risks, it is also important to find a good Lasik surgeon. There are so many eye care professionals that do Lasik surgery so it is wise to find one that is educated in the latest technology and who is experienced in the type of Lasik procedure you are having.

Choosing a Lasik eye care professional can be difficult. There are so many types of Lasik techniques and doctors. Before you make an appointment with any Lasik doctor is always good to get the opinion of your regular eye care physician. By doing so, you will get a better idea of who to go to in your area and who is trusted. Do not consult the first Lasik doctor in the phone book or pick one according to price. Instead, choose one for experience.

Although there is no right or wrong way to choose a good Lasik doctor, here are some basic guidelines to help you pick the right one.

The Lasik surgeon should be your doctor from the start to the finish. Many Lasik eye centers run patients through quickly, one right after another. The result of this is that the actual doctor may not see you until the surgery. They may have staff that performs the health history and initial eye exam. Avoid these types of doctors. Your Lasik doctor should be the only one involved in your eye care. He or she should perform the initial exam, perform the surgery and do all of the follow up appointments. This ensures more customized and personalized surgery and often means a better outcome.

Choose a surgeon who specializes in Lasik. There are some eye care doctors who do many different types of procedures. That doctor may or may not specialize in Lasik. Before choosing a doctor, find out if a particular doctor specializes in Lasik. One who does is probably knowledgeable in the latest technology used in Lasik procedures. While one who does not specialize in Lasik may still give you good results, it is always good to know. Some experts believe that the magic number for doctors is 1000. That means that some people believe that the best Lasik surgeons have performed over 1000 Lasik procedures. Experience is always the best practice so ask your Lasik doctor how many procedures he or she has performed.

A good Lasik doctor explains the risks and complications associated with Lasik. While it is true that Lasik procedures often have good results, there are some risks and complications. As with any medical procedure, you should always fully understand these risks and complications. You should not expect perfect vision and you should never use a Lasik doctor that tells you otherwise. An experienced Lasik surgeon will also explain to you that there is the possibility of having reduced night vision and in rare circumstances can lead to worse vision than before the procedure.

Don’t rely on Lasik centers that advertise heavily. We have all heard or seen the Lasik ads promising clear vision with an experienced Lasik doctor. While these Lasik doctors may very well be experienced, sometimes they do not offer personalized care. These doctors tend to see many patients everyday and rely on office staff for your care.

Don’t go by the price. When choosing a Lasik doctor, do not let the price be the deciding factor. While Lasik is pricey, your vision is worth more than any amount of money. Choosing an experienced doctor should not be dependent on the price alone. If you see Lasik advertised for a very low price, it is probably too good to be true. Most of these prices do not include everything. You will have to read the fine print to see why they are offering Lasik for such a low price. Choose a doctor for the experience.

Choose a Lasik surgeon in your area. While that may not concern some patients, it may be very important to others. Remember that you will probably need to see your Lasik doctor at least five times-one for the initial appointment, one for the surgery, a one week check up and a check up at three and six months. After your surgery, you will need to depend on another person to drive to and from your appointment. Having a surgeon in the area can be very convenient.


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