Adjust your High Expectations of Lasik.

By: Thomas Hunter

Lasik surgery ads often promote cleared and improved vision. A lot of people go into Lasik thinking they will never have a need for eyeglasses or contacts again. While most people do experience an improvement in eyesight after having the Lasik procedure, some do not. It is not unusual for Lasik patients to still need eyeglasses or contacts after Lasik. Some with a bad out come, actually have worse vision than before the surgery. Before you head to the Lasik surgery center, you should adjust you high expectations of Lasik.

Lasik surgery can help many people. Most of the time, patients who undergo Lasik surgery enjoy an improved vision of at least 20/40. This is not however, always the case. Before having a Lasik procedure, it is important that you thoroughly research Lasik, ask lots of questions and have realistic expectations.

There are good statistics about Lasik surgery results. One study reports that 94 percent of all Lasik patients are satisfied with their results and have at least 20/20 vision following surgery. Of those who have Lasik, the study shows that nearly all Lasik patients would recommend the surgery to a friend. Also, it was found that about 25 percent of the patients, who experienced problems with the surgery, could have been resolved with more patient education prior to the operation. One report of dissatisfaction with the surgery is that Lasik does not correct far or near sightedness in people over the age of forty. Twenty five percent of those who reported dissatisfaction with the surgery reported problems with night vision, but this often resolves itself in a few months.

While Lasik is a relatively easy surgery and is performed on many people, there are some immediate expectations you should realize before having surgery. Often, Lasik patients go into surgery thinking that recovery time is only a couple of hours. The healing time with Lasik is fast, however, you will not be ready to drive in a couple of hours. Expect your doctor to inform you that driving is forbidden for at least a week after surgery. Also, expect to be out of work following surgery for about four days. While Lasik is generally a pain-free procedure, some patients do report a scratchy feeling on the eye for a couple of days after the surgery.

In addition, Lasik surgery does require that you take good care of yourself post-operatively. That means that you must make and keep your appointments with your eye care professional for post-operative care and evaluation. If you are given any medications to take after surgery, such as eye drops, it is important that these are taken on a regular basis to get the best possible outcome after surgery. You can also expect your doctor to give you specific instructions regarding the use of make up, which may be limited for a couple of days, and returning to vigorous activities such as sports. These may also be off-limits for several days following the Lasik procedure.

It is recommended that if you do not completely understand the risks or have adequate expectations of Lasik surgery, you should not have the procedure. Also, when thinking about Lasik, carefully consider whether or not Lasik is right for you. Many people who have poor outcomes are not good candidates for the surgery in the first place. It is crucial to give your eye care professional detailed information about your health and eye history. This could make the difference in having a good Lasik outcome and having a poor experience.

There are reasons why some people should not consider having the Lasik procedure. There are several pre-existing conditions that would give you a poor outcome with Lasik surgery. For example, women who are pregnant or nursing when the surgery is performed can be at an increased risk for a poor outcome. There are many hormone fluctuations during pregnancy and nursing that can affect the eye. Lasik surgery should never be performed under these circumstances. Also, if you have certain health issues, such as diabetes or hepatitis, it is usually not recommended that you have Lasik.

Many people can benefit from the Lasik eye correction surgery. As with any surgery or procedures, it is very important to have realistic expectations before surgery. It is not a miracle surgery to correct all vision problems. Lasik is designed to help improve poor vision. If you are considering Lasik, you should consult your eye care professional to see if you are a good candidate for the surgery.


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