Lasik with Intralase - What You Need to Know.

By: Thomas Hunter

All basic lasik procedures start the same. You have to create a corneal flap. This had to be done by hand with an osculating blade. That was before the invention of Intralase. Intralase replaces that held hand blade with a computer guided blade. This results in a safer procedure. Intralase is 100 times more accurate than the hand held blades of the past. It also has a better success rate with four times as many people achieving 20/20 vision after surgery. The 100 % blade free method is preferred to the old fashion way of doing the surgery. This also reduces the chance of scarring of the cornea which can impair vision.

The invention of Intralase has greatly reduced complications caused by lasik surgery. There is one major complication that is caused by the use of Intralase. Many patients report an extreme sensitivity to light after surgery. This sensitivity is called photophobia. However this only happens in 1 % of patients. That is much better compared to the old way of doing things where as much as 20% of patients experienced difficulties of some kind after surgery. Most doctors agree that photophobia is only temporary and can be treated with steroid eye drops for a few weeks. Most doctors also agree that Intralase is favorable to the old way of performing lasik eye surgery. It has fewer complications and has fewer risks than traditional lasik. One side effect compared to the numerous side effects of traditional lasik is a vast improvement in the procedure.

As with all new innovations of science, Intralase comes at a cost, quite literally. Adding the safety and accuracy of Intralase also adds three hundred dollars or more to the price tag of an already pricy surgery. Most insurance companies will not cover lasik eye surgery, so that extra money you have to spend for accuracy and safety is coming out of your pocket.

Now that you know why it is such a good, safe, accurate procedure, it is time to learn how it works. A surgeon uses a computer to guide the laser over your eye. The computer guided laser makes three “bubble like” incisions in the middle layer of your cornea. The resulting flap is made at a specific depth and location that best suits your corrective needs as determined by your doctor. The doctor then folds back this flap to reshape your cornea to correct your vision and astigmatism if it exists.

With the innovation of Intralase, patients who were previously not able to have lasik eye surgery may now be able to throw their glasses away forever. It has a wider range than the old hand held blade therefore making more people eligible for surgery.

The invention of Intralase has also brought back potential patients who chose not to undergo lasik in the past due to the high risks involved. Intralase is safer and more accurate than they lasik of the past. It is because of this that so many people have lost their phobias and have undergone the procedure. Lasik with Intralase now has minimal complications and higher success rates. That has made it more appealing to people today. The safety and accuracy is well worth the extra money to most people. If you are considering lasik, Intralase should be considered as well. It could mean the difference between seeing 20/20 again and never seeing again. The choice is yours. Be sure to make an educated decision. Learning all you can is the key to making the right choice.

Lasik with Intralase is the safest and most accurate eye surgery out there today, but still it is not for everyone. Please talk to your doctor about what is best for you and your situation. A consultation with a doctor is required before surgery and your doctor is the best person to decide if lasik is right for you. If your doctor thinks you are not a good candidate for surgery, you might think about asking him about other options. There may be other things that you could do to help correct your vision. It never hurts to ask. There may be something you can do to make yourself a good candidate. If you want it bad enough, you will do whatever it takes.


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