Referral Sources for Lasik Eye Surgery Procedures.

By: Thomas Hunter

Referral sources for lasik eye surgery procedures:

1. Internet
2. Magazines
3. Medical periodicals
4. Former lasik patients

The internet is the best place to find sources for lasik eye surgery procedures. Using a search engine such as, you can find information on just about anything. Searching something as simple as “lasik” returns over four million websites. That’s correct: four million. You can narrow your search by getting a little more specific. For example searching for “lasik pricing” yields two hundred thousand results. You can use the internet to search for local eye doctors that do lasik in your area. A search for “lasik in Shreveport, Louisiana” yields fifty three thousand results. You can use just about any search engine. You may not find the site you need with your first try, but you will be lead in the right direction. Using the internet you can have all your questions answered about lasik, the procedure, the side effects, the pricing, and just about anything else you wanted to know, but was afraid to ask. You may even have some questions answered that you did not even think to ask. The internet is the most common referral source for lasik.

The second most common source for referrals is magazines. If you have ever had to go to the doctor or the dentist, you have seen tons of medical magazines in the waiting room. Most new innovations in medical science can be found by perusing these magazines. Doctors are in the business to make money, so it would make since that they would advertise. If it is a new innovation, you may even be able to read up on it in these magazines. The downside of using magazines to research is that there is no real organization or way to search them by topic. You have literally search through many magazines to find the one article you need that may or may not have all the information you need. The up side to magazines is that they are good about getting your attention and making you aware of certain innovations that you can later look up on the internet with a standard search engine.

Medical periodicals is another source that many over look. You can usually find out all the details of a procedure using medical periodicals. The down side is that these usually read like stereo instructions and they are rather boring. They are good to put you to sleep at night, and, like magazines, are good starting points. They can give you the lead you need to start an internet search.

The most overlooked resource you have is first hand knowledge from people who have had lasik. You can ask any eye doctor and they should be able to give you a reference list of patients that have agreed to talk to potential patients. Usually they will give you the best idea of what to expect. They will tell you what the internet and doctors leave out. They have gone through the operation. They know what it feels like, what the after effects are like, and if it is worth it. Now don’t go by just what one person says. Ask as many as you can. Ask anyone you know if they know someone who has had it done.

These four things are the best referrals there are on lasik. The internet, by far, has the most information at your fingertips, but keep the others in mind as well. They were around before the internet and will be around for years to come. The information they provide is very valuable and should not be over looked. If you use there sources, you will be very educated on what to expect when you go into a consultation with any eye doctor. That education will give you a leg up. You will be able to tell when a doctor is just trying to sell you something, or if he/she is really trying to help you. You are a person too, not just a paycheck. You know that, so make sure he/she does too. Once those boundaries are set, then you can feel more comfortable letting him/her operate on you. Knowledge is power, and in this circumstance, that old cliché holds true.


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