Lasik Surgeons at Teaching Hospitals Have a Leg Up on the Competition.

By: Thomas Hunter

Lasik surgeons at teaching hospitals have a leg up on the competition. They have several things that give them that leg up.

1. Experience
2. Knowledge
3. Reputation

When you choose a doctor to shine a laser that could potentially blind you for life, you want someone you know you can trust. Would you rather a doctor fresh out of school, or someone that has experience? A teacher would have the most experience, and you know that if he/she teaches lasik surgery, he/she should be good at it. Also most professors that teach at teaching hospitals have been in their profession for several years and have lots of surgeries under their belt. The more surgeries that a surgeon has done, the more experience they get. If you are going to trust someone with your precious vision, you want someone with lots of experience. That would be the most logical thought. You would think that one who teaches must be good and have lots of experience to teach it to others. Yes the price may be higher, but you should be able to trust this experienced person with your precious eyes.

The second reason that lasik surgeons at teaching hospitals have a leg up on the competition is that are up to date on the latest technology, technological breakthroughs, and newest procedures. This means he/she will likely not be using surgery techniques that are older than you. Newer techniques usually have higher success rates and faster healing times. They can also fix more things now than they could ten years ago. Keeping up on the latest trends means keeping the most options open for the patient. When you go to a doctor and they only offer one course of action to correct your vision, its time to move on to someone else. A doctor up to date on the latest trends in surgery, lasik, machines, computers, etc. should be able to offer more options to the patient. A variety of options is a good sign that you are at a competent doctor. He/she should be able to answer any of your questions. If you did your homework before going in, he/she should be answer questions about the newest techniques that you read about. He/she should be able to give you a list of options and after an exam, should be able to offer the best options to correct your sight.

Another thing that gives lasik surgeons at teaching hospitals a leg up on the competition is reputation. Professors have a track record that is usually public that can be checked. Usually if a surgeon teaches at a school, that usually, but not always, means they are a very good surgeon. Before choosing the right doctor, you should really do your homework. Try to find out how many surgeries he/she has done. See if you can talk to some of their previous patients. Ask as many questions as you can. If they are a good doctor, they will do everything in their power to make you feel at ease about lasik.

Lasik surgeons at teaching hospitals do have a leg up on the competition, but keep in mind they are not the only surgeons out there. If you do your homework, you will easily find the right doctor for you. It is important that you find a doctor you trust. After all you will trust him/her with your sight. If you donít feel comfortable with a particular doctor, then find another. Donít settle on a doctor because he/she is the cheapest you can find. Money should not be the deciding factor. You can always make more money, but you only have one set of eyes. Donít run the chance of loosing them because of pricing. If you are going to invest money in something like this, make sure the money is well spent and go with someone with good experience, knowledge, and a good reputation. If your doctor meets your expectations, then there is a good chance the surgery will meet your expectations as well, assuming you have a reasonable expectation. Donít be afraid of asking too many questions. This may be a once in a lifetime surgery; at least you hope it is. If you choose the right doctor, it should be.


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