10 steps to protect your house during holiday season.

By: Thomas Hunter

Many families and single people prefer to go on vacations during holiday periods. This presents a lot of danger to their houses and personal belongings. The main reason for this is the fact that burglars know about this vacation tendency and try to find houses that they can break into while their owners are away from home. They will try to pick the house that present less obstacles for them to break into. But the first thing that they will look at is whether the owner of the house is at home and, if he or she is not, is the owner away for a long time. The best way to protect your house when you are on vacation during the holiday season is to make your house look occupied. There are many different ways to do that. This article will list 10 steps that you can follow to protect your house by making it look like you are at home. These simple safety measures will ensure that your house is not an object of the robbery.

The first tip is to put your mail and your newspaper delivery on hold. To put your mail on hold, you can simply contact your post office and request this from them. For the newspaper delivery hold, you will need to contact your newspaper directly. You can also ask your friend or your neighbor to pick up the mail and newspapers for you. The reason why you should put your mail and your newspaper delivery on hold if the fact that letters that pile up in your mailbox and a collection of newspapers on your doorway indicate that the owner is not at home and was gone for quite a while.

The second tip is to make sure that you donít leave a phone recording that states that you are away from home. A simple message that states that you are currently unavailable is good enough. There is no need to say that you are away for a while. If a burglar will be able to find your home phone number and call you, he or she will be able to judge whether you are at home based on the recorded message.

The tip number 3 is to make sure that you have your lights on in the evening. You can ask your neighbors or friends to stop by your house in the evening and turn your light on. Alternatively, you can purchase the automation system that will turn your lights on and off at certain preset times. If is a good idea to also turn your TV or radio on and off at preset times.

The tip number 4 is to ask your neighbor to park in your driveway or on the street in front of your house. This will create an illusion that someone is at home every evening. The tip number 5 is to hire a house sitter that will stay at your house while you are gone. This will cost you some money, so whether to hire someone will depend on your budget. The tip number 6 is to ask your neighbors to look after your house and to notify the police department if they see something strange. You should also leave them your emergency contact information so they can notify you in a case of emergency.

The tip number 7 is to make sure that your doors, garage door, windows and the yard gate are all locked. The tip number 8 is to store all of your expensive items in a safe deposit box in the bank. This will ensure that these items are completely safe and secure. You will not be using them while you are away from home so there is no reason to keep them at home while you are gone. If you donít have a safe deposit box in the bank, you can either order one or store your valuables in a safe.

The tip number 9 is to make sure that you turn your alarm system on before you leave. Installing motion detector as an addition to the alarm system is a good idea. The tip number 10 is to sign up for the alarm system monitoring service.

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