Home Security: External Security System.

By: Thomas Hunter

There are many ways to protect your house from the inside. For example, you can install various security systems like alarm and video surveillance systems. You can also follow specific home security steps that will ensure that you are protected at all times. But there is another type of security system that may or may not be available to you. This is an external security system which is present in some communities and apartment complexes. You either have access to this system or you donít. You and your neighbors can, of course, create this type of security system, but this will be a very costly thing to do. There are several different types of external security systems. In all the cases the community that is protected by the external security system is fenced around for additional protection. There is only one or several entranced gates that have to be used in order to enter on the territory of your community. This type of external security system is used more often for the protection of apartment complexes then for the protection of regular communities.

As mentioned above, there are several different types of external security systems. One of the types involves an entrance gate or gates that are protected by an automated electronic lock. You will need to enter a security code into the security control panel if you would like the gate to open and let you in. Make sure that the security code is hard to break. A simple code like ď1234Ē is sometimes created by some landlords and does not provide you with the proper protection. In a case when a simple code is used, you should talk to your landlord about changing this code to a harder and a more secure one. For your security, you should make sure that you donít tell your security code to anyone who does not live in the same apartment complex or same community.

Some of the external security systems will allow you to use an entrance security card to open the gate, in addition to the use of a security code. This way there is an alternative entry method if you either forget the security code or leave the security card at home or at work. If you ever lose a card, talk to your landlord or the apartment complex manager about issuing you a replacement card and deactivating the lost one. The reason the old card needs to be deactivated is because it can be used by burglars to enter the apartment complex illegally. Try not to lose your security card and try to keep it in a safe location at all times. Donít leave your security card in your car. It should be with you at all times.

Another type of external security system involves a security guard who is employed to protect the entrance gate during day and many times during the night time. An external security system with a security guide provides you with an even a higher level of protection. You will, most likely, still have to use the security card to open the gate. The security guard is there to make sure that it is indeed one of the local residents trying to enter the apartment complex or a community. If a guest or unknown person tries to enter, he or she will be stopped by the security guard. A call will be made to ensure that these people are indeed visiting a local resident and only after the proper authorization is obtained, the guests will be let inside. As you can see, this type of external security system is much more secure, as compared to the other ones. However, it is not 100 percent full proof.

If your apartment complex or community has an external security systems, it does not mean that you donít need to install other home security protection systems and follow home security guidelines. The external security system is just an additional level of protection and your home should have the best protection installed whether your area does have an external security system or doesnít. However, if you are purchasing a new house or apartment, a community with the external security system should be preferred over the community without one.

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