Home Security: 7 things you should never forget about.

By: Thomas Hunter

There are many different home security systems and burglary prevention measures that a person can have installed for his or her house. However, these security systems will do nothing if a person forgets about some basic security steps that he or she need to follow at all times. This article will list 7 of the most important things you should never forget about to make sure that your house is protected and your security system is put to its use. The first thing that you should always remember to do is to lock your doors and windows before you leave the house. You should also remember to turn your alarm security system on before you leave. If you forget to do the above steps, even the best security system may not protect your house.

The second thing you should always remember to do is to make sure that you turn all of the electrical and gas equipment off before you leave the house or after you are done using this equipment. You should also always remember to turn the water off after you are done using the bathroom and kitchen equipment. Forgetting to follow these steps can cause such dangers as a fire, a water flooding, an electrical shortage, a gas leakage, etc. These are the inside dangers that can be life threatening in addition to the threats that they pose to your house and your belongings. The third thing you should always remember to do is to change batteries in your fire and smoke detectors. You should check your detectors regularly to make sure that they are operational and that they donít need their batteries to be changed. A good timeframe for checking your detectors is every month or at least every quarter. Making sure that your fire and smoke detectors are working is extremely important since this can provide you with those few extra seconds that you will need to get out of the house in an event of the fire emergency.

The forth thing that you should always remember to do is to never leave a spear key from your house near your door (under your door mat, above the door frame, etc.). You shouldnít even keep a spare key in your car or at your desk at work. This leaves your house very unsecured since the burglar may be able to find this key and enter your house without anything stopping him or her. You can install an electrical lock as a backup entry way if you are afraid that you may forget or lose a key.

The fifth thing that you should always remember to do is to make sure that your house looks occupied when you are gone on a long trip or on vacation. This is a preventive measure that will protect your house from possible burglary attempts. If a burglar thinks that the house is unoccupied, he or she will assume that it is less risky to break into that house. Making your house look occupied will ensure that your house is less likely to be selected as a target of a burglary attempt. Some things that can be done include asking your neighbors or friends to pick up your mail, newspapers and deliveries. You can also ask someone to housesit for you or at lease to turn your lights and TV (or radio) on in the evening.

The sixth thing you should never forget about is to protect your private and financial information and never to tell it to anyone that you donít completely trust. If someone gets access to this information, he or she can use it to his or her advantage. For example, if a burglar gets access to your credit card statement, he or she can assume that you have something valuable inside your house based on your financial activity information. The seventh thing you should never forget about is to secure your computer when you are not using it. Make sure that only you can log into your computer and that you log off before you leave the computer room. This way you can make sure that any important information that is stored on your computer is completely protected.

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