Home security when you are purchasing a new house.

By: Thomas Hunter

Home security is extremely important and there are specific home security steps to protect your house from various dangers. You should start worrying about your home security as soon as you purchase your house. There is even a list of home security steps you need to follow when you are purchasing a new house, which this article will describe. By following these steps you will make sure that you are protected from the mistakes made by the previous owner. You are also protected from the start and a possible burglar is not able to use the fact that one person is moving out and another person is moving in to his or her advantage.

The first and the most important step is to change all the door locks. There is a chance that the previous owner of the house lost a copy of the key or hidden a copy somewhere near the house and forgot about that. A key could be even stolen from him or her and it is possible that the burglar was just waiting for the perfect time to try to break in. You should also make sure that you change all of the door locks before you actually move in and move all of your belongings in the house. This way no one can use previous keys for the purpose of breaking into the house. This is, actually, an opportunity to improve your door and your door locks. If the previous owner didn’t already have the properly secure door and good locks, you can change these to a better and more secure ones right from the start. This also applies to the window locks. These may also need to be changed, especially if they need the keys to open or close them. While you are changing your window locks, check if the windows are secure and strong. If they have a regular glass installed, you may want to replace the regular glass with the enforced glass.

The next step is to talk to your neighbors and see if there is any neighborhood watch program in your new community. Offer your services to watch for your neighbors’ houses and they will watch for your house in return. Watch programs offer a great level of additional security and protection and a sign up for this program should be one of the first home security steps that you take. Since you just moved in, you don’t know if any watch program is in place. By talking to your neighbors not only you will be able to meet with them and find out more about them, but you will also make your house more secure by offering your participation in the neighborhood watch program.

The next step is to install some type of security system to protect your house from outside and inside dangers. You should at least have an alarm security system installed. A good advice is to add motion detectors to your alarm system. An even better advice is to sign up for the alarm monitoring service with one of the alarm monitoring companies in your area. This will provide you with an additional level of protection, especially when you are not at home. You should definitely install fire and smoke detectors, if they are not already installed. If they are installed, make sure that they are operational. Test all of your smoke and fire detectors and replace the batteries in all of them.

The next step is to hire a professional to make sure all of the water, gas and electrical equipment is in good condition. This will protect you from possible inside dangers like fires, water flooding, electrical shortages, gas leakage and others. Many of these dangers can result from the broken water, gas and electrical equipment. Since you just purchased the house, you don’t know whether the previous owner watched after this equipment and kept is it in good condition. If any of the equipment is damaged or needs to be repaired, you should hire a professional to replace it with the good quality new equipment or to repair it. There are several other home security steps that you may need to take but these are some of the basic steps that you should definitely think about first.

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