10 steps to protect your house from inside dangers.

By: Thomas Hunter

As you already know, internal dangers to your house are as important as the external dangers. The list of possible internal dangers is large and includes but is not limited to threats of fire, water flooding, unavailability of escape routes, electrical shortages and many others. Many of these threats can even pose a danger to your life in addition to dangers to your property. An example would be a threat of a fire. If you are unable to escape or is sleeping when the fire starts, your life is in danger. There are many different ways to protect yourself from the inside dangers and to make sure that your house, your family and your personal belongings are safe and secure. This article will list the 10 most important steps that you will need to take to protect your house from various inside dangers.

The first few steps deal with the protection of your house from fire threats. The step number 1 is to make sure that you turn off all of the gas or electrical equipment after you finished using it. For example, if you were using a grill, an oven or an iron, make sure that you turn them off when you are done. This will protect you from the possibly of a fire that is started because some electrical equipment was left on and forgotten about. Also make sure that all the electrical and gas equipment is off before you leave the house. The step number 2 is to make sure that you don’t place any objects that can easily catch on fire (paper towels, for example) near the oven. If you turn the oven on, these items can light up and cause a fire. The step number 3 is to make sure that you never smoke inside your house (assuming you are a smoker). It is especially important that you never smoke in the bed. Smoking inside is one of the main causes of fires. This danger can simply be eliminated by smoking only outside.

The step number 4 is to make sure that you install a fire and smoke detection system at home. Even a simple system that involves smoke detectors that turn the siren on when they detect smoke or starting fire will increase the security of your home. An even better idea (step number 5) is to sign up for the fire system monitoring service. You will need to call a company that provides these monitoring services and to sign up with them. Your fire and smoke detectors will be connected to the monitoring system and will notify the monitoring company in a case of an emergency. The monitoring company will, in turn, notify the fire protection department.

The step number 6 is to make sure that your water is off after you are done using the bathroom and kitchen equipment. This will protect you from a possible water flooding danger. You should check your water equipment to ensure that the water in not running before you leave the house. The related step number 7 is to regularly check your water pipes and other water system equipment to ensure that nothing is broken and there are no cracks in water pipes. If anything needs to be repaired or replaced, this should be done right away.

The step number 8 is to never do any installation work that can interfere with the electrical wiring in your house. If you damage any of the wiring, this can be a cause of electrical shortage or even a fire. Make sure that you check if there is any electrical wiring in the location where you are planning to do the installation before you actually start your work. The step number 9 is to never do the installation of the equipment that operates on gas by yourself. Even a small mistake can cause a gas leakage. The last step (step number 10) is to make sure that you only hire a professional to do any work on the electrical or water equipment in your house. If you are doing an electrical installation – hire a professional electrician. If you are doing a gas equipment installation – hire a professional with this specific experience and expertise.

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