Home Security: Fire safety.

By: Thomas Hunter

As you probably already know, there are outside and inside dangers to your house. The protection form the outside dangers involves such things as the installation of security systems that protect you from burglary and various house break in attempts. The inside dangers include such things as a fire threat or water flooding threat, to name a few. The threat of a fire is one of the most important and dangerous as it involves a direct danger to your life. This article will talk specifically about the threat of a fire in your house and steps that need to be taken to prevent this threat.

The first thing that it is necessary to mention is the fact that having fire protection insurance for your home is an absolute must. Without insurance your property is completely unprotected. Fire protection insurance reduces the risk of loosing your property. In a case of a fire, if your house or some of your property that was covered by the fire protection insurance is destroyed, you can most likely be able to return the money that you invested into this property and rebuild your house. Without the fire protection insurance, however, you can not return anything and you can remain homeless or, as a minimum, will lose a lot of money. A fire is always a negative event and there is always something that you will lose (time, certain possessions, etc.), but at least you will be able to recover the major part of your lost property if you have the fire protection insurance.

Also, make sure that you have insurance on the most expensive items in your house. For example, if you have a paintings collection, you should insure all or at least the most valuable of the paintings. Other items can also be insured from possible fire threat. The last thing to mention about the fire protection insurance is the fact that the insurance company will most likely require you to install some type of fire protection system in your house before issuing you a security policy on your house or other personal belongings.

There are many different types of fire protection security systems that you can install in your house. The most basic way to protect your home from a fire threat involves the installation of fire and smoke detectors. These detectors will especially be helpful if you are at home. They will detect the smoke or a starting fire and will alarm you about that (usually by turning a siren on). This way you will be able to react quickly and eliminate a source of a possible fire danger. A more advanced system evolves signing up for a fire monitoring service. In this case your fire and smoke detection system is connected to your alarm system. The monitoring company checks your alarm system for possibility of a burglary or a fire danger. In a case your fire detection system is triggered by a possible fire threat, the system sends a signal to the monitoring company. The monitoring company may try to contact you in this case to notify you of the fact and to make sure that this is not a fake alarm. If it is unable to contact you or believes there is a danger of a fire, the monitoring service company will contact your local fire department that will dispatch a unit to your house. This way your house is protected when you are at home as well as when you are away from home. Also, this type of system may be required for insurance purposes.

The general advice is to make sure that you prevent the possible fire by turning off your gas and electrical equipment when it is not in use. Make sure that your electrical installations are done by a professional. When you leave the house, check that you turn all the equipment off, especially your oven, your grill and your iron. Also you should never smoke inside your house and especially in your bed. Falling asleep with a cigarette is a major danger to your house and to your life. In other words, preventive steps are as important as the installation of various fire detection and protection security systems.

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