Home Security: Motion Detectors.

By: Thomas Hunter

With the advancement of technology there are many new security systems that are available of the market. An important part of many of these systems is a motion detector component. There are many different types of motion detectors that use different technology. For example, infrared motion detectors have a sensor that detects infrared radiation produces by humans. This is just an example, as many other technologies are used to detect movement. Another example is a detector that produces a beam of light and has a photo sensor at the receiving end. If a beam of light is broken, the motion is detected. Ultrasonic waves can also be used to detect movement. The wave is bounced of some type of item and the receiver checks for the wave’s echo. This article will provide some examples of the security systems where motion detectors are used and will describe some of the benefits that these motion detectors provide for these security systems. The prices of motion sensors vary a lot and are not discussed here.

The most common example where motion detectors are used is in various types of alarm systems. The concept is simple. In addition to triggering an alarm when the incorrect code is entered through the alarm control panel, the alarm system is activated when one of the motion detectors senses an unauthorized movement inside the house. Motion detectors can also be installed outside of the house in cases when you also want to guard your garden or yard. Most of the detectors are battery operated and don’t require a direct power feed. However, it is very important to make sure that the batteries are always checked and replaced often. Also, with the advancement of wireless technology, many of the motion detectors are produced in a wireless version nowadays. That means that there are no wires connecting the motion detector to the alarm system. Detectors are less visible and still can activate your alarm system by sending a wireless signal to the system when any movement is detected.

Motion detectors are also used in various video surveillance technologies. The reason for this is to save the storage space and record only during the time when motion is detected. Video surveillance systems use several motion detection techniques. The first technique is similar to the one used in the alarm systems. There are separate motion detectors inside or outside that send a signal to the video surveillance system when any movement is detected. The detection can also be done on a software level. For example, a video stream is sent to the receiver that is connected to the computer. The software analyzes the incoming video stream and if any change in the picture (movement) is detected, activates the recording process. There are other techniques that can be used. Sometimes even two or more motion detection techniques are used at the same time.

Motion detectors are also used for the outside motion sensor light system. The system turns the light on when any movement is detected by the motion sensor. This will allow you to see clearly who is approaching your house. This also serves a double purpose by allowing you to see the parkway and the door steps when you approach your house at night. The type of motion detector that produces a beam of light and detects motion when beam of light is broken is commonly used in the garage door sensors, not allowing the garage door to close when motion is detected under the door. There are many examples of other types of security systems that use motion detectors. Even more advanced motion detection systems are created for business needs or for the locations where something very expensive is stored.

Motion detectors usually come with the purchased security system. However, you can purchase them separately to upgrade your system. It is preferable that you hire a professional to install any part of the security system, including motion detectors. Still, there are many “do it yourself” kits that will allow you to install these detectors yourself. There are also many guides and manuals that provide detailed description of each model of motion detectors and their installation and configuration process.

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