Home Security Advice.

By: Thomas Hunter

If you would like to improve the security level of your home, the best way to start is to look through various tips and suggestions related to home security. Some of these tips may not apply to your situations but some may be very helpful in determining the next thing that you will need to improve and the steps which will result in the most secure outcome. This article will cover several home security concerns and will provide tips and suggestions to the possible improvements that need to be done. As a result of following these steps you will be able to create a more secure home, neighborhood and live a more secure life. Your family will be protected and your valuables will be safe.

The first suggestion deals with the situation where people simply forget to take preventive security measures and do something that is completely insecure. For example, many people donít follow an excellent advice not to hide a spare key neat the door. Whether you hide your key under the door mat, above the door frame, under rocks or at some other location, you are reducing the security of your home. These are the places there the burglar will always look first before attempting the burglary attempt. This king of behavior can even trigger the burglary attempt. For example, imagine if a burglar is looking for a house to break into and sees that someone is hiding a key under the door mat. That tells the burglar that the house is unprotected and there wonít be many obstacles stopping him in the progress of the burglary. Even if you keep a spare key in your work desk, this creates an additional danger for you.

Another type of danger comes from the situations when people forget to lock their doors or windows. If your window is unlocked or even completely open, this is a sign for the burglar that there is an easy entry inside the house. Windows should always be locked. There are, however, situations when you do need to keep your windows open (usually when someone is inside). In this case there are other preventive measures. For example, there are locks that keep your windows open only half way and donít allow getting into the house through the window. You should also always remember to lock your doors and turn on your alarm before you leave the house. Even if you are at home, you should still keep your doors closed. Being careful makes your life much more secure.

Make sure that you can see what is going on around your house. If there are tree branches that hide the yard from your direct view, it is better to cut some of the branches to make sure you can see everything that happen outside. If you can see that someone is approaching your house in advance, you will have more time to react to that. If your car is parked outside, you should also be able to see it from your window. This way you can make sure that no one is trying to steal it or vandalize it. IT is a good idea to install a motion detector light outside near your door. This way if someone walks close your door at night, the light will allow you to see who that person is.

Another good advice is not to attract the attention of possible burglars. If you have an expensive car and have a garage Ė always park your car in the garage. If you have expensive items at home, keep them away from the window so a burglar who may be walking by your house does not see that you have many valuables inside. It is also a good idea to have curtains covering your windows. If you purchased something expensive recently, donít simply throw away the empty box outside. Throw it away in such a way that people outside donít see it or would not understand what type of item this box is from. You should also never throw away the paperwork with important personal of financial information printed on it. For example, if you want to throw away your credit card statements or check copies, you should use the paper shredder first.

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