Home Security Innovations.

By: Thomas Hunter

If you would like to increase the level of your home security, you will have a lot of different innovations to help you in achieving your goal. There are many new and improved systems developed in the recent time that provide a better protection of your house and personal property. Especially there were many innovations in the field of communication that directly impact the products and services created for the home security industry. For example, most of the video cameras and audio equipment provide wireless capabilities nowadays. This means that you will no longer have to install a special wiring to connect your cameras to the receiving equipment (VCR or digital recorder, for example). This will make the cameras, especially the hidden ones, a lot harder to find. The new system consists of three components: a video camera itself, a wireless transmitter (transmits the video stream signal to the receiving equipment, sometimes installed as a part of the camera) and a wireless receiver (receives the transmitted signal from the video cameral and forwards the video stream directly into the receiving equipment).

Wireless cameras provide the possibility to transmit video information without cables. They are also easier to install and maintain but require some time to be spent on the configuration. There are other systems that use the advantages of the innovations in the communication industry. For example, wireless audio transmission can be implemented in addition to video transmission. Also, if you signed up for the alarm monitoring service, there are companies that allow the monitoring equipment to dial through the dedicated cellular link in a case of an emergency. This protects you from a situation when you are left unprotected during the time your regular phone lines are not working. These are just a few of the examples of the home security innovations derived from the advances in the communication field. There are many more examples that can also be mentioned and that are also very important for your security.

There are many home security innovation based on the general scientific discoveries and technological advancements. For example, the automated systems allow for a great deal of preprogrammed automation of most of your security equipment. With the automation system you can interconnect all of your security systems in one “all in one” system. In this case, for example, a triggered fire alarm can use the alarm security monitoring service to notify the fire department of the possible fire in progress. The motion detector outside of your house can trigger the video surveillance system and start the recording process when there is any movement detected. The motion detector will trigger the alarm in a case of a burglary if the door lock fails or a window is broken. A backup power supply is used to keep the security system running when the power shuts off for one reason or another. You can even connect all of your equipment to your personal computer and program the interaction of different security system components. We can provide many more examples but the ones above probably provide enough insight what can be done nowadays with the help of all the technology innovations.

Scientific innovations also contributed to the development of various home security systems and equipment. There are systems that will allow access only if a person provides the correct fingerprint or the eye signature. There are voice identification systems that will check if the voice of the person asking for access is indeed the voice of the authorized person. There are alarm systems that will detect the change in temperature or other scientific characteristic and will trigger an alarm if a change is detected. All of these systems are usually very expensive and are used if you are trying to protect something very valuable and expensive. Sometimes these protection measures are used to protect the information on home computers, assuming the information that is stored on the computer is extremely valuable. With time, however, the prices are expected to drop and many of the systems that are currently used only for the protection of expensive items or information will be used for the more common home security purposes. By then new and more advanced systems will be developed.

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