Top Five Health Insurance Companies Based on Coverage and Value

By: Thomas Hunter

Although the United States offers the most insurance possibilities in the world as far as coverage, holding high at 40%, great insurance companies are very much a global market. Ranked by overall sales per year, the top five insurance companies are Germany's Allianz, the Netherlands' ING, New York-based American International Group, Inc. (AIG), France's AXA, and Nippon Life Insurance Company, of Japan. Most people often find that the industry is divided into subcategories such as health/life and casualty/property.

Life insurance definitely dominates the industry and all of these groups offer health benefits as well. Many consumers like having one provider for all their insurance needs and usually get a discount for purchasing multiple policies. You have to think of all the little sub groups that can possibly be counted as a resource to these companies; home owner’s, renter’s, life, auto, boat, long-term health, short-term health, the list of possible insurances can go on and on. So, what make’s these companies rank the best?

Germany's Allianz

The Allianz group is leading in the health and life insurance arena. This group is one of the top companies in Europe and even has branches in America. This company offers different policies to different age groups that best suit their customers’ needs. Once a plan is purchased it will remain the same till the client want to change it. You can have specifically designed plans for the period of life where the raising of children is most time consuming, and then change the policies as you enter the retirement age. This company offers competitive rates and premiums and has sub-branches all over the world. There would be no insurance stone left unturned from this company. They have ranked highest all on policy benefits and pricing. This is a company that gives the client the best value for their hard earned dollar. If you want a great policy with awesome coverage at the best price, try this company on for size. You surely won’t be disappointed.

Netherlands' ING

The ING group has been set up in 1845 or more than 160 years in Netherlands and has now spread worldwide. This group is active on all fronts including banking, insurance, and asset management in 50 countries. This company prides itself on having many options for its clients to give them the freedom that best suits their individual needs. They provide optimal service to the clients for a great cost to achieve stable growth while maintaining healthy profitability. This group cares about all the persons in their network including its clients, employees, and shareholders. ING’s core values that are paramount to all its activities are responsiveness to the needs of the customers, entrepreneurship, professionalism, teamwork and integrity.

France's AXA

AXA Group is very pleased to provide an array of health and other insurance benefits in today’s market. They have been continuously increasing their equity market and it has paid off. They have now entered several countries and offer wonderful policies for fair pricing. Execution is the priority on strategy and on initiatives to take the company and its clients into a great relationship. Of particular importance is their commitment to a multi-channel distribution model across operations that focus on the customers' needs and objective financial advice. The staff is helpful and friendly and driven to serve the client and potential clients. Here is a reputable company that is worth checking out.

Nippon Life Insurance Company

Nippon Life Insurance is one of Japan's biggest life insurers and has come to America, as well. The company has 11 million policyholders and 300,000 corporate customers. A recent survey of 2,000 medical and dental claimants gave us a 90% approval rating. This is a company to look into for many insurance needs. Their core products and services are complemented with the products of several leading managed health care companies. This company strives for the highest levels of quality service and customer satisfaction. They offer competitive rates and great policies in just about anything you can imagine. This company definitely aims to please its clients to ensure that they stay with them for all their insurance needs. Moving into a relationship with company would definitely be a good move for many people looking for insurance.

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