Making Memories: Christmas Scrap booking Ideas.

By: Thomas Hunter

If your tired of seeing a shoebox full of mementos and pictures thrown carelessly into an already over stuffed closet, then you might want to consider learning the fun hobby of scrap booking. Itís true that there are some people that become so addicted to the craft that they decide to go into business for themselves, either by being a sales representative of scrapbook supplies or by teaching classes on it. Either way by learning the art of it you will ensure that your pictures and other keepsakes are safely kept in a decorative album. However, you will need to get a few basic supplies to start, but then you can graduate to creating special themed books for the seasons, such as Christmas. It might surprise you to learn about the themed ideas available for you to create.

When starting your basic supply kit you will need to realize that the different qualities of supplies vary. A good rule of thumb is to start small, but buy quality. There is a slightly higher expense, but you will not have to replace them over and again. A good idea to learn scrapping techniques is to take a beginners class, and practice your hobby with help and how to books and videos. This way you can practice without anyone seeing your learning steps into the world of scrapping .Beginning craft scrapping sets are available at any craft or discount stores, and the kits will contain the needed paper backgrounds and frames. Most kits include for beginners scissors, glue and stamps. Stamps are hole-punch devices that come in a variety of decorative shapes for the occasion, as for example a Christmas tree stamps or a smiling friendly snowman. After you become comfortable with the basics of scrap booking, you can move up in the world of stamping by purchasing other neat items, such as paper crimps, eyelet tools for threading, felt tip pins, red eye removal pins, templates for different shapes and letters, glue removal solutions, layouts, stickers, and a host of other type of decorative add-ons such as flowers and faux jewels.

Now that you know a few of the how-to of beginning your scrap book experience, and the basic supplies needed, you can then begin to start to think about all of the different scrap booking ideas that you can create for the Christmas holiday season. A word of caution needs to be injected here though, always make sure that you buy all of your paper products that are lignin and acid - free. These additives to paper products can damage and yellow your cherished memories in a few short years. The different types of themed Christmas scrap booking ideas will leave you in awe. You can always add to your themed list by using your imagination and creativity for themes. Take a glance at a few of the themed ideas.

Wedding Christmas
Anniversary Christmas
First Christmas Together
Babyís First Christmas
Babyís First Birthday Christmas
First Communion Christmas
Home For The Holidays Christmas
College Year Christmas
Vacation Christmas
Family Christmas
Grandparents Christmas
Friends Christmas
New Pet Christmas
Church Celebration Christmas
Community First Christmas
Military Christmas Memories Christmas
Memorial Christmas

Sit down with a pen and paper in hand and brain storm about the different themed ideas that you can come up, and in no time you will be wondering if there is enough time to do it all! Remember with lots of practice you will be a scrap booking professional. You will be adding advanced decorative ideas that will make your Christmas scrapbooks as unique and as individualized as you are. Experimentation with adding cute charms, pressed flowers, buttons and snowy white acrylic paints to your photos and keepsakes will make a themed holiday Christmas photo album a work of art to display, and to show to friends any time of the year. However you begin your scrapping fantasy remember to have a lot of fun, and take you time in learning the art of it. The Christmas season is a time of wonder and magic, and by learning the art of scrapping you will have a valuable resource of artful memories to relive it all again.

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