Christmas Decorating Ideas You Havenít Thought Of.

By: Thomas Hunter

When your mother said to use your imagination on any new project or situation that you may encounter in life Ė always take her advice to heart. Itís true that experience is the best teacher, but to get it you need to be creative and flexible. This is no where better exemplified than in decorating your home for the Christmas holidays that are quickly approaching. Many things can limit your ability to purchase decorating paraphernalia, but all you have to do is look around your home and at few discount stores, and you will find good bargains and supplies for decorating the interior inexpensively. Also, donít forget to look search in your attic and storage areas for some of your forgotten things that are very appropriate for decorating at Christmas.

While youíre digging around through your long forgotten stuff take note of not only old Christmas set outs and ornaments, but pull out some toys too. Nothing can be more charming than proudly displaying around your tree a train set from long ago. If it doesnít run, tinker with it until it does. If all is lost let it set stationary for you to enjoy. Dolls are another thing to decorate with, and they are very charming placed in a high backed chair or highchair, with larger presents stacked around their feet and miniature gifts on the tray. Old board games and other items such as metal spinning tops will fill the void under a tree, or even extenuate the types of papers on the all ready wrapped gifts. If your lucky enough to find your families old stockings, spice them up by adding miniature bells and glitter paint their names on the front.

Your tree can be jazzed up too by purchasing a few inexpensive copper coated cookie cutters, and adding a bow and gold hook to hang. While youíre at it take some time to find some red and green floral sticks, and tie a bow around the top. Secure with wire and place them in the front of your plants. Coffee table tops and end tables are very easy to decorate, but just make sure that there is plenty of room if the area is heavily used. Buy some inexpensive graduated stemmed heavy cut glasses, and fill them with either colorful candies or nuts. Often many people prefer a choice of both because salty nuts off set the highly sugared taste of the candy. Donít forget to wrap with a tiny bow on the stems. Collections such as old world Santaís or nativity scenes can be new or old, and placed on a shelf or mantle piece for enjoyment. Other types of Santa displays that are popular are the nested Santaís which are famous in certain European countries. Kids really love to look and play with these. An original or imitation milk bottle can be cleaned and painted, and faux cookies can be left out for Santa to eat on his way out. Place anywhere there is not any heavy hand traffic, just to prevent accidents.

There are other areas of your house that you need to decorate too. Christmas colored scented gel candles and a small basket full of cinnamon sticks with small decorative hand towels in a theme are very decorative and useful. Holiday cooking smells can stink up a house, and certainly guests and family members appreciate the wonderful scents and extra holiday hand towels in place. Glass decorated with washable soaps with scenes of winter around the edge of a large bathroom mirror, will make everyone remember to smile and to be thankful for all that they have at Christmas time. Donít miss the bedrooms for kids and adults a like. Door areas can be framed with garland and a red ribbon wrapped into it, and is extremely attractive with holiday lights entwined in them. Kids can cut out with scissors on heavy construction paper Santaís and snowmen, and hang in their windows.

Decorating for Christmas does not have to be brain wracking, costly and exhausting. There are so many different decorating ideas that you can use, and as time goes by you will find other types of materials, and new ideas to use when getting ready for the holiday season. Just sit back and relax while decorating, and remember to enjoy the holiday of Christmas day because it only comes around once a year.

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