Flea Treatment Options for your Cat.

By: Thomas Hunter

Before you adopt your first cat or take in that stray that you have been feeding, consider all of the flea treatment options for this cat. Are you willing to be proactive and aggressive in your stance against these pesky fleas? Cat ownership consists not only of wonderful companionship but also all of the care of the cat as well. That means regular grooming, veterinarian visits, cat food and toy purchases and of course, flea treatment. As long as you know that fleas will never truly go away, you should be ready to tackle owning a cat and all that entails.

Flea treatment options for your cat extend to your immediate environment as well. The yard, cars, inside your home … wherever your cat goes, fleas are there. So putting a flea collar on your cat is just the tip of the iceberg! Let’s talk first about your cat itself. What measures can you take in regards to eliminating or at least greatly reducing those fleas on them? Flea shampoos are one line of defense. Just watch those hopping critters “abandon ship” when you are bathing your cat. You will literally see these fleas jumping off your cat and watch them float to their death in the soapy water. Those flea shampoos are effective for a day or two and will get rid of a lot of mature fleas, but you still have to think about the flea eggs that might still be lingering in your cat’s fur.

Flea dips are another option, but should be reserved for severe flea problems. Dips leave a lingering chemical accumulation on the fur. And since cats love to groom themselves by licking, prolonged ingestion of this chemical could be harmful for the cat. With flea powders and sprays that are applied directly on the cat, these treatment options usually work only on the mature, adult fleas, leaving the flea eggs behind waiting to hatch. Besides, the powders and sprays last for only up to two or three days at the most. One possible reason to use these methods is if you are traveling. These treatments are not invasive and can easily be bought no matter where you go.

Spot treatments for fleas are very popular with cat owners. These can last for up to a month, longer if the weather is cold. All of the spot treatments take care of adult fleas. Some of these flea treatments also contain ingredients that can inhibit the flea eggs from hatching, stopping reproduction of these irritating creatures in its tracks. For the most part, these spot treatments require a prescription from your veterinarian, so ask them about the best course of action. Spot flea treatments are easy to apply. You would just part the fur on the back of the cat, usually between the shoulder blades or along the spine, and apply a dose of the treatment. That’s all there is to it!

Oral medications are an alternative as well when it comes to flea control. If your cat loves to eat, it may be easier for you to hide a pill in a food treat. These flea medications are effective and stop the flea eggs from hatching and producing new fleas. These pills that your cat takes by mouth work in this way: The medication flows through the bloodstream. The fleas love gorging themselves on the blood of your cat. They in turn will ingest this blood that contains the medication. As a result, any flea eggs that are laid will never hatch! Please note that this method does not get rid of existing adult fleas, only the eggs. This is a perfect method of breaking the cycle of flea reproduction and should be used in conjunction with a flea treatment that kills adult fleas. Some of these oral medications do come in the form of a shot, which is especially important if your cat does not take medication very well.

Besides the hands-on flea treatments for your cat, you should also aim your attention to your surroundings. Treat the outside yard area. Vacuum daily. Use carpet flea powders to get those fleas and the eggs that like to burrow in the carpet. Wash area rugs and the bedding your cat sleeps on. A combination of several flea treatment options will give you and your cat a relatively flea-free existence.

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