Why You Should Go For A Browser Based Online Meeting System.

By: Thomas Hunter

When browsing for a web or video conferencing tool, one of the things to consider, aside from your budget and need, is to know what technical requirements are needed in order to have a good, functioning conferencing service. It is important to familiarize yourself with the advantages and disadvantages before you decide on an online meeting system. Remember that this service will matter a lot to your business or personal dealings. Functionality, effectiveness and ease of use are three key elements you have to look for, this being a technical application. Moreover, the technical obstacles of using such a web or video conferencing application can leave a big mark in the outcome of your business dealings and relationships.

The first thing to consider when deciding for an online meeting system is to determine if you wish to use a browser based system or if you would like to make use of a proprietary software.

Proprietary Software:

There are a few original web conferencing systems using their own software and hardware specifications. This proprietary software can be bought and is readily available in the market. To be able to use this, you will have to first install and configure this onto a computer.

Proprietary software, as defined, has restrictions set by its proprietor or owner. Any changes or flexibility you will need when using this kind of a system has to be dependent on the owners, who have legal control over the software. Also, any additional feature you may need may then require additional extensions in your budget, so be sure to take note of that.

Proprietary software providers usually employ a fully staffed support system. As a service provider, they must ideally do a good job of providing support and documentation to their customers.

Browser Based System:

A browser-based system, on the other hand, is not limited. There is no additional software needed to be installed or deployed before one is able to use it. As such, it offers more flexibility.

So, what edge does a browser based conferencing system specifically have over a proprietary software system?

∑ Whether your business colleagues or personal contacts are using PCs or Mac, a browser based system runs on all operating systems and can function in all web browsers. Connecting to any user with any kind of web browser while holding a meeting together, without having to worry about the technicalities, can effectively bring about smooth transitions and business dealings.

∑ When you use a browser based system you will have no need to download or install software. Downloading and installation could become quite a hassle for some people, particularly when they are not familiar with the application. In a browser based system, installation is through the service providerís system and all you have to do is to log online, go to their website and then use the service.

∑ Because it can be used for all types of system, it is therefore accessible to users anywhere. Once youíve provided your contacts with the URL codes and passwords, they can just easily log online and join the conference at their convenience. Hence, a person who is not so skilled with using a computer can easily follow the simple procedure.

∑ A browser-based system also eliminates problems with firewalls. While firewalls installed in many offices and home computers are security measures used for blocking off hackers, this can pose a problem for your contacts in an online conference. Some firewalls regard other proprietary software as threats and may therefore block its access. But a browser-based system is not at all affected by it.

In the end, what you should seek for in a web conferencing system is the option to maximize its use, while being user-friendly. This is your gateway and access to a successful business or personal transaction online, it should be able to provide you with what you need. Technical obstacles do pose a lot of limitations and may consequently hurt the business transaction or relationship, so picking out a system that eliminates this problem, through a browser based system, is the better choice.

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