How Web Conferencing Boosts Your Business.

By: Thomas Hunter

Studies have shown that about $2 Trillion in business transaction took place on the Internet in recent years and $160 Million transaction happened in the United States alone. Modern technology has helped make business on the Internet become more profitable. But simply setting a website and making use of e-commerce capabilities will not result or convert to a business boom right away. Using the email, for example, may be a good tool to reaching clients and send memos to employees but using the latest application in online communication, web and video conferencing may boost business even more.

Web conferencing allows for meeting and collaboration online. The features assimilated in web conferencing can make participants share information or present projects using slide presentations, spreadsheets and documents. Some web conferencing facilities also allow for participants to take control of another computer, making collaboration more effective. Video conferencing becomes a better alternative to traditional phone calls because the participants not only hear each other, but also interact face to face.

Consider this scenario:

You pack and prepare the materials for your business meeting or training session, as well as your personal effects. You leave your work or home, at least an hour ahead just so you get on schedule with the airline or bus company. Or you leave early to avoid getting caught in a traffic jam. There is a chance your travel accommodations might get delayed. When you arrive at your destination, you unpack and prepare the same materials youíve been preparing earlier. Sometimes, when youíre doing product demonstrations, you may even have to bring heavy items that are not exactly convenient to carry around. You proceed to the meeting or the training session; maybe spend all but three hours. Then you leave on the next available chance to go back to your work or home and experience the same thing all over again.

Many companies now realize the benefit of using web conferencing facilities for their business, specifically because of that scenario. Imagine the amount of time and money lost on it. Holding web meetings with employees, customers, prospects and clients have reduced expenses incurred with travelling or face to face meetings. The convenience to meet online also cost a lost less, where logistics are concerned.

∑ Agents and sales people who need to do presentations, sales demonstration or product demonstrations usually have to travel from one destination to another. With web conferencing, there is no more need to travel and find accommodation. A sales person can just be by his desk and do his presentations while the client is in another location. This then saves cost since travelling and accommodation can get quite expensive.

∑ Web conferencing reduces the number of time spent outside the office. Business travel loses precious hours while on the plane or on the road. In a scenario where one goes about the business travelling from one destination to another, versus one who uses web conferencing tools to facilitate business, who do you think would come out with better results?

∑ Online virtual meetings also save you the hassle of bringing product demonstrations back and forth. Some of these products may even incur huge freight charges. Now, with just a click of the mouse, your clients can easily view what you have to offer, as if he personally saw the product face to face.

∑ Some business cannot afford to send sales people to far-flung areas. So their sale and prospects are limited. But thanks to web conferencing applications, your target market may now be expanded, as this enables you to reach other clients in other parts of the world.

∑ Holding training sessions is possible with web conferencing. Training sessions are important for employees to help improve the service of your business. Furthermore, training sessions can become virtual classrooms if your business has to deal with orienting and teaching sales people of the benefits and uses of your products. Now, with web conferencing, they will be able to get oriented online, at their convenience.

∑ Online web and video support is also an advantage with web conferencing. As previously stated, an email to a client is sometimes not enough to close the transaction or provide support. Similarly, live chat boxes are good tools but a videoconference can be much more effective. Even if itís virtually online, there is still some sort of personal connection between you and your customers.

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