How can web conferencing work for you?

By: Thomas Hunter

Many of us have grown up watching science fiction shows with people or aliens interacting through the use of high-tech computers. With web conferencing, the technology to link people in different locations with the advantages of audio and video is now available for ordinary people.

Web conferencing is rapidly becoming the preferred means of communication for many business organizations but the technology and its advantages are not only targeted for this sector. Web conferencing also has a myriad of uses particularly in the personal realm and in more artistic endeavors. Communication is vital in any facet of daily life, and the technology is being adopted not just for meetings between business partners and clients but also among other sectors and even families.

Because web conferencing overcomes geographical distances, people now have the ability to be present at important events (sometimes two at the same time) that otherwise would have cost an arm and a leg and valuable time to attend. Even with the willingness to physically travel these distances, sometimes the costs or other circumstances simply make it impossible.

For example, families are using web conferences to attend graduations, weddings and simply to keep in touch with each other on a more regular and involved basis. When a sickness prevents you from attending these landmark occasions, web conferencing is an ideal solution. Another example where web conferencing can be utilized to overcome tough situations is by allowing soldiers stationed overseas to communicate with their families back home. Soldiers deployed on extended tours of duty and sacrificing their lives do not have to miss out on those special events that sometime come just once in a lifetime. One military official noted an upsurge in the morale of troops who were able to take advantage of the technology. Although nothing compares to oneís actual presence at a birthday, wedding, graduation or what have you, web conferencing may be the next best thing.

This web-based technology does not have to be intimidating. Many non-technical fields are employing web conferencing to change the way they work. For example, in the field of education (where the interaction between students and teachers is crucial to produce lasting results), web conferencing is becoming more popular. Teachers can reach more students and students can avail of a wider exposure to different resources.

Artists and other people who are more creatively inclined are also seeing the benefits of web conferencing services. Web conferencing can allow easier collaboration with partners you would otherwise not have had access to, or could only reach on a limited basis.

For example, those involved with creative digital content, animators and even traditional artists embarking on projects may want to seek the help of their peers. They can use a web conference not only to talk with each other but also to collaborate in every phase of the process. Writers and artists can use web conferencing to jumpstart each otherís creativity such as by threshing out scripts or experimenting with designs. If you are collaborating with an art designer, web conferencing can make your project more effective by allowing feedback based on your observations of the actual project and not just mere descriptions of it over the telephone or through e-mail. If you want to make some changes on a particular work, web conferencing also empowers you to do so. If you are working with 3-D models, web conferencing will allow you to transfer large files from one computer to another and the artist can make changes in your presence for your approval. In the creative field of art where visuals are crucial, web conferencing with its audio and video capabilities is being used to bring together all parts of a project, from writers to artists to sound engineers and so on.

Web conferencing technology is not a monopoly of business organizations. It is as available, as useful and may even become as common a technology as the telephone is as means of communication. Because web conferencing is an affordable alternative that will allow you real-time access and exposure along with features to interact as if you were in the same room as your audience, web conferencing can work for you in many ways. Just as web conferencing can allow you to transcend geographical distances, the technology is also not limited by your imagination and can be used creatively to work specifically for you.

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