Graduate Loans

Graduate Loans

Getting Finance After College: Graduate Loans.

By: Mary Wise

Another thing to point out is that student loans come with relatively low interest rates especially if you take into account that these loans are unsecured and unsecured loans usually come with very high interest rates. The only drawback is that given all the concessions the lender offers the applicant, the loan term tends to be extremely long and thus the loan will be paid off in many years.

Student Loans

Students usually owe around $30000 when they graduate. However, since this debt comes in the form of student loans, it wonít start being repaid till the student joins the workforce. Besides, the interest rate is low enough not to become an issue and comparatively itís lower than credit cards, personal loans, and generally any other type of unsecured loan.

These loans usually have an agreement as to the percentage of earnings above a certain minimum that will be destined to repay the loan. So, there is not much risk for the borrower, since till he joins the workforce and starts earning enough money, he wonít have to repay the loan. However, this also implies that the loan keeps accumulating interests and that his relation with the lender may last decades.

After Graduation Loans

Also known as Graduate loans, these loans become available when student loans are no longer a possibility. There are many expenses associated with this time of a student life when he needs to abandon a lifestyle to adopt another one. The transition can be very money consuming till everything gets settled.

These loans can also be used to pay off student debt and sometimes even as a form of student debt consolidation. But you need to remember that this kind of loan has higher interest rates than student loans and thus it should only be used if strictly necessary.

Summing up

Student Loans, being as accessible as they are can turn out to be a dangerous thing. If you canít control yourself, you can end up owing so much money that youíll be repaying your debt for many years to come.

Graduate loans are definitely a possibility for those who cannot request a student loan anymore but the decision to apply for a graduate loan has to be much meditated. If you choose to apply for a graduate loan, be prepared to put aside a considerable amount of money from your income for the next couple of years as youíll need it to repay outstanding loans and the new graduate loan installments.

Always remember that any concessions you receive for being a student will cease as soon as you graduate and then your financial responsibilities will increase, therefore the advice is to be prepared.

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