A Woman’s Guide to Re-Entering the Single’s Scene.

By: Thomas Hunter

A woman who has been out of touch with the dating scene for any length of time may need a few guidelines before taking the plunge and re-entering the single’s scene. Re-entering the single’s scene may perhaps be more difficult for a woman than it is for a man. Women who are out of the dating scene for any length of time may have a difficult time readjusting to the uncertainty of the single’s scene. Their previous relationship may have offered them a sense of security that no longer exists in the dating scene and this lack of security may make women tentative to re-enter the single’s scene under any conditions. A woman who re-enters the single’s scene needs to understand that in today’s dating scene it is acceptable for women to be the aggressors and take the liberty of asking men out, that turning down a man for any reason is still acceptable and that she should trust her instincts in dating situations. The single’s scene may not have changed much over the years but a woman who has been out of the scene for awhile often needs a few guidelines to help her re-enter the single’s scene successfully.

It is steadily becoming more and more acceptable for women to ask men out on dates instead of vice versa. This non-traditional gender role may be a bit confusing for some women at first but they will soon learn that this can be both a positive and a negative. No longer do women have to stand by and wait to be approached by a man. Now women are free to be the aggressors and ask out men that they find attractive. In the past a woman may have waited and waited for a guy to ask her out but now she can feel secure approaching a man and asking him out. While not having to wait for a man to make the first move may be a positive improvement in the single’s scene, the downside is that women now understand the immense pressure that men feel when asking someone out. They may find that walking up to a guy they find attractive and asking him out is not as easy as it sounds. Most likely they will gain a newfound respect for men who are willing to take the risk of asking them out.

Many women may be hesitant to turn down a man who asks them on a date but in today’s single’s scene, women need to realize that they can and should turn down men that they are not interested in dating. While they may want to be polite and not hurt the man’s feelings, it is perfectly acceptable to let someone know that you are not interested in dating them. You may have tried sending subtle messages to convey your lack of interest in the past but sometimes bluntness is required to get your message across. Learning to say no is an important aspect of a woman re-entering the dating scene. Women need to understand that they do not have the time or energy to date every man that approaches them and that refusing a date request is perfectly acceptable.

Finally a woman who re-enters the single’s scene needs to have a firm understanding of the dangers that exists in this scene. While a woman may meet many trustworthy and honest people in the single’s scene, there can be dishonest people who intend to harm you. If it has been a long time since a woman was actively involved in the single’s scene, she may not realize the changes that have taken place. It is no longer safe to agree to meet anyone in a secluded location. In fact, even if you plan a date for a well lit and populated location, you may still want to bring along a friend for security reasons. As the number of unscrupulous people entering the dating scene increases, so does the instance of date rape and acquaintance rape situations. It is no longer safe for a woman to completely trust anyone she meets while involved in the single’s scene. While a man may seem completely safe, it’s important to never put complete faith in anyone you have just met. Also, if something just doesn’t seem right with a particular man, it is best to trust your instincts and not pursue further contact with this man. The dating scene has become a potentially dangerous place and it is important for women to realize this as they re-enter the single’s scene.

Re-entry into the single’s scene for a woman doesn’t have to be a difficult process. In general the single’s scene has not changed tremendously but there are some key points for a woman to understand before she re-enters the single’s scene.

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