The Ups and Downs of Golf Tournaments.

By: Thomas Hunter

World Golf tournaments are among the many golf tournaments that are popular today. Junior Golf tournaments are also a popular golfing event. Keeping the young golfers interested and entertained is an important aspect for the future of golf. Without the interest of junior golfers the professional sport of golf would dwindle. Tiger Woods created a new interest in golf from the younger crowd and renewed interest from the more mature golf fans. This type of player popularity fuels the interest in golf.

Professional Golf Association (PGA) tournament tours are well planned out in advance and affordable to the fans of golf that have no qualms about the cost. With first place prizes being the best in golf, PGA tournaments have the most loyal fan base as any sport. The PGA tour is a championship golfing event. There are four major championships. The PGA tournament is played yearly and a different golf course is chosen for the honor of supporting this extraordinary event each year.

There are more to golf’s major events. The Masters is played every four years in Augusta Georgia. The Masters is a tournament founded by Bobby Jones and is highly respected by all golf fans. The U.S. Open and British Open are two more of golfs major events. The Ryder Cup is played every other year. The Ryder Cup is unique in that it is played between teams of golfers from both Europe and the United States. The Presidents Cup is also played every second year.

The Ladies Professional Golf (LPGA) tournament is an amazing event to watch. It is important that young girls have an array of sports heroes in which to admire. Ladies European Tour, Ladies Senior Tour and the Futures Tour are all part of the ladies tournament scheduling. Ladies golf has been around for sometime but the popularity has consistently grown and the association has not disappointed its fans.

The LPGA has kept up with the changing times. In the most recent tournaments scheduled they are gearing toward the creation of a more competitive structure where by the first place prize will be the most phenomenal in the history of women’s golf. Every major golf event improves each time it is offered to the public.

There are websites and magazines that list “this weeks golf tournaments” and you will be amazed at the in depth list of accurate information pertaining to the many golf events. Local golf tournaments are listed in the “events” portion of the local newspaper and are great fun for the entire family to participate in supporting.

If you are considering planning a golf tournament or event of your own there are several ways to accomplish this feat. You will be able to raise a considerable amount of funds for any type benefit in very little time and with minimal costs to the events treasury. Golfers are always willing to donate time money and effort to a great cause. Any reason to play a little golf is a great reason to most golf fans.

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